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Our lady of harmony, our goddess in crystal! Our light, our hope, our life!
— prayer to Seren
  Seren is the crystalline goddess of elvenkind, and indeed their creator goddess much as Torag is for the dwarves.   She chose to imprison the foul deity Marvaeth with her body and self millennia in the past, keeping him entrapped to protect her people from his machinations. His influence and power occasionally leaks from her, resulting in many of her worshippers ceasing their worship to praise less dangerous deities instead.   Her Champion - and thus also Marvaeth's - is Talindë Ae'tharis, Scion of House Ae'tharis.
Domains and Subdomains
Good Community Sun Earth Magic Caves Cooperation Divine Family Light Redemption  
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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