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  Marvaeth is a deity linked strongly to the elves. He is known as a malicious deity of change, control, darkness, and death, often showing up in children's fables as a symbol of distrust and in elven mythology as a primary religious antagonist. Interestingly, the creation of drow is not attributed to him, despite his status as a deity of creation and change.   He was imprisoned by and within the elven progenitor deity, Seren, for his deep crimes and betrayals against her people. Unfortunately, her imprisonment of him has seen her fall out of favour in most modern worship out of fear that his corruption will bypass her protections. His influence over Seren's Champion, Talindë Ae'tharis, lends credence to this theory - almost leading to the Champion acting to break Marvaeth free, believing he was in fact freeing Seren.
Areas of Concern
Death, shadows, control, change
Evil Artifice Death Darkness Trickery
Corruption Industry Night Loss Murder Deception
Divine Classification

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