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The Grand Roadway

The Grand Roadway was an Aulus Imperium project that was to build a vast network of roads and bridges to connect Fairley, Lothna , Tyra , and Tabbloyn regions. While the plan was excellent in design, the project was never finished and only the main road was construed. As a result, one large road was created connecting the Imperium along with it's two vassals of Ethonia Republic and Rasselfall Kingdom .

Purpose / Function

It was constructed to improve cointeintal trade to undercut the cost of navel trade. Since infrastructure was still being rebuilt during the time frame, the hope was to reestablish the Imperium's connection between each other without the reliance on magic.


The road as of today is in disrepair in some sections. There are four large sections that are maintained, many smaller sections are abandoned.   Fairley Route: This route is connected from Aulus (City) to the boundary edge of Fairley. It is the longest section that is actively maintained and guarded.   Tours Bellas Route: This route is connected from central Tyra and southern Lothna. It is maintained, but lacks the proper amount of patrols to keep it adequately safe.   Wooden Stone Route: This route is strictly within Ethonia Republic and is considered the least mantainted, but heavily guarded. It is easy to get lost, so patrols light lanterns to show the safe paths on the road.   Gilded Route: This route is strictly apart of Rasselfall. It is not guarded as well as it could be, but it much safer than the surrounding roads.


Imperium stubborn nature was put straight into how they designed the road. They purposely avoid steep inclines and would make extensive bridges and tunnels to accommodate the road. The road would be built to overcome nature.


The year was 3095, Flavia Eurrusius, the reigning Empress, was known for pulling the country out of its dark times through conquest and her infrastructure projects. When Sor - Ta fell to the use of Mass Arcane Portal Glyphs she thought that an interconnection of roads should also to be added to assist with smaller settlements throughout the empire. She began the initial project of an interterritorial road that would connect the major city centers together, but it was never implemented.   When Plautus Eurrusius rose to power, the empire was at peace for sometime. He took the opportunity to refurbish the road network and revive the Flavia's original project of an interterritorial road. The project consumed a vast amount of resources and was only able to compete 71% of the desire size before the project was canceled. As of today only 48% of the road is still intact and useable.
The road is a site to see. Nearly all travelers within the Imperium stand on it's stones at least once to get where they are going. Sadly, large sections are in complete despair and are home to thugs and bandits.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Names
Plautus Road
Owning Organization

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