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Dialese (Dye-ah-lease)

A dialese is the offspring of a stroansian and an elf. There is only one in the world and that is the unborn child of Jackal and Evan. Jackal had the egg hidden hundreds of years ago after Evan was murdered and Jackal couldn't trust his child not to be harmed because of who they were. To this day, Jackal is waiting the day he can be reunited with his child and get revenge against Archstroansian Adoel for what he is said to have done.  


To create a dialese, there must be two partners of the same sex - an elf and a stroansian. Together, when their love is strong and a mate bond is formed between them, the elf can begin casting an ancient spell to create a child through mana and love. First, both the partners must offer up a piece of their DNA. It does not matter what kind of DNA they use, but blood is usually the strongest. Next, the partners must gather as much earthen materials around them as they can while the elf chants their spell and the mana fuses them together, creating the egg. From then on, the egg lies dormant until the right circumstances come along for the egg to hatch.  
What powers the child will have are unknown, but usually a mixture of the parents' mana combined is enough to jumpstart how powerful the child will be. Only one power has been confirmed to be a part of the child...  
  • Flight (only after learning who their mate is and falling in love with them)
Quick Facts

Genetic Ancestor(s):


Conservation Status:

They must be protected at all costs because grosants tend to want them for their powers, but nearly all stroansians want to kill the dialese, as they are seen as abominations.
Other Notes

Related Ethnicities:

Grosant Culture
Stroansian Culture

The One Egg

A couple days after Evan's death, Jackal called his trusted advisor, Asmodeus, to hide the egg and wipe his memory of it to prevent the egg from being located. The egg was oval in shape and black like tar, with ornate dark gray marking trailing over the egg like smoke. A powerful wave a mana seeps off the egg, similar to radiation. The mana is enough to draw the attention of powerful beings hoping to use it for whatever evil, twisted plans they have.   Asmodeus took the egg to a private location, where he sealed the egg within the place and cast a spell of protection over it. Then, he proceeded to cast a spell on him to wipe his mind. While Asmodeus does not remember hiding the egg, he will, in fact, remember if he ever enters the cave of his own accord.   The sad thing about this is that Jackal doesn't know if his child has hatched, or if the egg even survived. All he can hope for is that his child is safe and waiting to be reunited with him.

As a fun little spoiler, the egg has already hatched. It is unknown what happened to the child, or even if the child escaped the confinements of their protection home. Hints of powerful mana have sprouted throughout the world, hinting that the child walks free, perhaps unknowing of their true identity and power.


Dialese Egg CR: 1/2

Small unknown, any
Armor Class: 16
Hit Points: 5d6+2
Speed: 0 ft


5 -3


2 -4


17 +3


2 -4


3 -4


15 +2

Saving Throws: Constitution
Senses: passive Perception +15
Languages: --
Challenge Rating: 1/2

At will: Pulse


Pulse. The egg makes one pulse with the mana seeping through it. The egg's power can easily poison or acid the target. The target must make a DC 22 saving throw or being poisoned/acidic. On a fail, the target takes 6d4 poison/acid damage. The egg then absorbs a quarter of the damage as returning hit points if the egg has taken any damage at all.  

Special Abilities

Invulnerable. The egg is not easily destroyed. Once hit, the egg teleports somewhere else within 30 ft. The teleportation also halves the damage the egg would normally receive.   Sturdy. The egg does not topple over easily. When falling, the egg can make a Dexterity saving throw with advantage. On a success, the egg takes no damage, while on a fail, the egg takes half the damage.


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