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Blackhills is the westernmost barony of Ortal. It borders the baronies Vastwall to the north east, and the Crystalline to the south east. The current baron is Uwe Pewter, who rules from the barony's capital city, also named Blackhills. Famously known for its elite soldiers in the Pitch Black Brigade, its rich mines, the production of blackpowder, and the holy Red Willow, the barony is considered one of the most powerful and richest region of the kingdom.

This region has its own dialect that differs a lot from standard Ortalian. It is based off of remnants of one of many languages brought to Gardemoor by the dwarven Northbound Enclave, and has changed very little in the last two millennia. It is by many considered to be a language of its own.

Major settlements


The city of Blackhills is the capital of the barony, and is the most populated of all the settlements in the region. It is home to the rich Pewter family, who's patriarch is now baron. The Pitch Black Brigade is trained here by the legendary general and former baron Kaggan of Blackhills and retired general Rupert McBlutered. It is also home to the hero Fenrick Fraud, who was recently given a minor lordship as thanks for his services to the city.

The city has the largest crafting temple in all of western Ortal, and is filled with master craftsmen of all eligible trades. It has one of few foundries capable of producing ilmenite, an exceptionally strong metal that when worked properly can be used to craft arms and armor of extraordinary quality.

The headquarters of the Church of Silence is located in the city after their former headquarters were invaded during the Second goblin siege of Blackhills .

Fort Crane

This fort is located on the border with Gorlovoye, and serves as a major defense should the goblinoid hordes from the Gorlovoye Wastelands move south and east towards Ortal. It is the official headquarters of the Pitch Black Brigade. The fort is equipped with cannons and artillery, and has one of the largest surpluses of blackpowder in the country. The road from Triffeld to Fort Crane is extremely rough, as the fort for the last 200 years have fired its artillery in response to even the tiniest threat.


Granbridge is named after its magnificent bridge spanning across the fjord separating the barony from the Crystalline. The town has many Streamer operations transporting rocks and ores from the mines in the northern part of the barony to its own ports. It is a major hub for travelers going the land route from the south to the north of Ortal, as the bridge eliminates the need for going through the mountains to the east, traveling by boat, or journeying through the underdark.

Red Willow

The city of Red Willow is named for its giant, magical red willow tree that looms over the city. The tree is considered a holy site by the Church of Harmony and by a number of druid circles. Its roots is said to span through many planes of existence, allowing powerful clerics of to make direct contact with the gods of the seasons: Carach, Sawaarre, Myrmylne, and Shaded Seren. The city makes a lot of its income through tourism and pilgrims coming to visit the holy tree.


Shaletown is located in the mountains in the eastern parts of the barony. A small town on the surface, the largest section of the settlement is below ground, connected to the underdark. It is home to the largest population of duergars and svirfneblins in Blackhills, who work in the quarries producing slate tiles for roofing and flooring.


The town of Sheitbury is known for its large scale production of blackpowder that it exports all over Ortal and Gorlovoye. Many of the factories here are working extracting components from sewage to make the explosive powder, and it is said that the stench can be smelled from both Fort Crane and Red Willow, should the winds blow in the right direction.

It has a river connection to Fort Crane, busy with streamers constantly ferrying blackpowder to the trigger happy military.


Stoccom is the largest port city in Blackhills, and is responsible for receiving wares bound for the barony capital. Their economy is almost entirely based on transport and fishing, resulting in a great many talented sailors and navigators in the Ortalian navy hailing from the city. It has been tradition for a member of the city's ruling family of Favne to always have at least one member be an officer in the Pitch Black Brigade.
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