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Shaded Seren

Shaded Seren is a goddess of autumn and the night in the Church of Harmony Pantheon. Ies and Jiana are considered to be subjects of her. She is the matron goddess of good-hearted thieves.

Following the Elemental Revolt Against the Seasons, Seren is subjected to both love and hatred from the Moonborn. They praise her for granting them sapience and freedom from their genie masters, but curse her for sentencing them to live on the hellish moons.
Divine Classification
Church of Harmony Pantheon
Chaotic neutral
Follower Alignments
Neutral good, chaotic good, neutral, chaotic neutral
Holy Symbol
An amulet of the sun setting over a black drape
Favored Weapon(s)
Nature, Trickery, Twilight

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Character Portrait image: by Jazz-Dude


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