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the Crystalline

The Crystalline is a barony in the south west of Ortal. It is well known for it's large crystalline fields that holds many of the chemical ingredients needed to create explosives. A large portion of these components are transported to Sheitbury in Blackhills to be used in production of blackpowder.

Ships hailing from the Crystalline are feared and respected around the world. Being the first to accommodate their decks for cannons, the barony has an impressive and experienced fleet that revolutionized naval warfare by adding blackpowder into the mix. According to old sailors' superstitions, attacking a crystalline ship for the sake of taking their cannons means you'll never see land ever again. Many believe this is due to the firepower of the ships themselves, but this myth has existed longer than cannons. Rumors of both dragons, kraken, and leviathans being under the control of the baron come up from time to time, but without proper evidence supporting them.
Geopolitical, Barony
Parent Organization

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