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Crafting Temples

Crafting temples are huge structures circular or elliptical in shape, with a large open space in the middle, made by Ortalian dwarves. Larger temples sometimes have an additional ring surrounding the inner ring. These temples are used in the worship of the Chained gods, particularly to Du-Corrach, god of crafting and father of the Chained gods, the dwarves, and the gnomes.

One can expect to find a crafting temple in almost every major settlement in Ortal and Gorlovoye, as well as many settlements with a significant dwarven Ortalian population. The two most famous crafting temples are the Grand Temple of Du-Corrach in the Archonate, and the Caldera in Breakberg.


The "donut" part of the structure can contain a broad arrangement of spaces to practice different crafts and trades, but is required to have at least one foundry, one blacksmith, one armorer, and one cooper in order to be considered a proper crafting temple. If a temple has two rings, there are strict rules about what trades can be practiced in each ring, with a few exceptions:

Inner ring trades:
Leatherworker (conditional)
Outer ring trades:
Leatherworker (conditional)
Either ring:
  • Cabinet/furniture maker
  • Carver
  • Carpenter/Framer
  • Turner

All workshops in the inner ring has a large opening (window, gates, open wall) facing towards the open space in the middle of the temple. Here in the center is where you will find a monument to Du-Corrach. This monument can be anything from a small shrine with a holy symbol, to colossal statues of the god himself, and it is tended by one or more forge cleric. Craftsmen of all trades come here to get their god's blessings, regardless whether their workshop is located within the temple or not.

Working in the Temple

Having a workshop within the temple is not something that is taken lightly, as it means that you are considered the best at your craft within your area in the eyes of the gods. Any company must prove that they are best when challenged by an outsider, in a test of skills brought forth and judged by the temple's forge cleric. Should they lose, they lose their workspace and must vacate the premises, and their challenger will take their place. This happens very rarely in well-established temples, as it is more common for outsiders to buy their way into an existing temple company, or specialize themselves in a particular branch of their trade. This way, a crafting temple may contain many blacksmiths for example, but have one shop specialized in locksmithing, one in toolsmithing, and another in making building materials.

A company is expected to make a donation to the temple whenever they get paid after large projects, but some also pay a set sum of money each month, though there is no requirement to do so. This money is used on temple maintenance and to cover the living expenses of the forge clerics. There is also a welfare program funded by these donations to support workers in temple workshops in case their business is doing poorly, to ensure that the gods' chosen craftsmen can continue their work no matter their financial circumstances.
Red Willow Crafting Temple
A simplified illustration of the Red Willow Temple of Du-Corrach, a one-ringed crafting temple, as seen from above.
Temple / Religious complex

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