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help this sucks but im too eepy to fix it

  • Warrior of flowers (Some Random Fucker ): first to die; near magic exhaustion, stabbed 100 times
  • (erza lite ): eviscerated
  • (lucy lite): decapitated
  • (cat girl): ???
  • little shit : consumed by magic in a last ditch effort to win
  • (堕天): near magic exhaustion, misjudged a dodge and got bisected while shapeshifting
  • ("The other one"): last to 'die', driven to self-destruct in final battle against a powerful foe (that 'killed' the rest). released such hot flames at an intensity the burnt them alive (kinda dabi'd themself) while trying to take out the enemy (combination of magic exhaustion, the damage of the magic, and the damage of forcing basically all of their remaining magic out at once)-- took out extreme amount of other side of conflict and caused them to stand down/surrender (all took out wide swathes of the opposing side, but too left a permanant mark on the landscape)
  • (oni kid): didn't die during the battle, grew up to be a reckless menace and eventually died to a headshot

Variations & Mutation

  • probably in the common language and with several variations: some that portray the group as tragic heroes, some that portray them as a cautionary tale of why impersonating the gods is bad (due to their power levels), etc. Also, at least one bastardized one (akin to the many dark children's songs that just kind of spawned into existance)

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