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 General infodump:   Part of the other one’s group (thought to be deceased by them- likewise in reverse), and as such is a relatively well-known historical figure. Otherwise contributed to rumors surrounding the toji as a whole (considering he is one– the general knowledge of toji is kind of shaky, with it being heavily steeped in legend and storytelling). Has a historical reputation as one of the most powerful magic users in existence– and one with the most, let's say unique, biology. In addition to the seven mouths and four eyes, he is able to use magic to manipulate his biology in various ways with little consequence (such as adding a set of arms, more mouths, more eyes, wings, another tail, etc). This type of magic usually has profound effects on the health and wellbeing of the being subject to the changes– such as persistent sensory overload, broken or damaged bones, and more– extending even to the point of messing with internal organs and body systems when returning to their original form.   Magic infodump (in comments of doc):   "I just remembered the active/passive split i was considering for magic. iirc the way i conceptualized it was based on where the magic was initially developed (kind of)-- so the magic that developed in a cold, snowy place would likely be fire (active- opposite to nature) and water (passive- aligned with nature). Active magic would be more aggressive-- somewhat to counteract shit weather (somewhere in deep snow would develop more aggressive/powerful fire magic to influence the world around them, while the water magic would take forms more inwardly focused (for the most part))   So, I would think that shapeshifting would be a branch of passive water magic   ACTUALLY this makes perfect sense for why redhead would be deemed a failure-- a fundamental misunderstanding of the type of magic used. Shapeshifting would require an intimate knowledge of one's biology and the theoretical biology of whatever change they wished to make, and thus was understood as a rare, specialized branch of passive healing water magic. Over the many, many years (and possibly a long stint of peacetime after a while of war, which removed pressure to master basically any type of magic- especially those common in wartime) the information could have been muddled or lost, and a newer type of shapeshifting magic could have arisen-- this one based in active earth magic and not well understood-- more likely to receive injuries due to the wielder's lack of anatomical knowledge and less flexible in its capabilities, considering the properties of the elements in question.   The people who created redhead wanted to replicate the abilities of pink hair, but, as they only knew of the earth magic shapeshifting, which took a more active and painful approach, rather than a natural fluidity borne from knowledge and mastery (think forcing bones into different configurations vs taking on the properties of water (think "The power of water is its ability to take any shape")), they assumed that it was pink hair's biology that allowed him to shapeshift so easily, using the earth magic method. As that was certainly not the case, redhead's inability to do the things that pink hair did (possibly also bc it wasn't the type of magic he held a predisposition to), he was deemed a failure/failed experiment."   Looking through my old notes on the conlang, it was actually an active/receptive split (which makes more sense anyways). Did not expect to find that on one of my many documents detailing contour tones.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fitness: very athletic Body type: lean muscular (slightly more bulky than redhead)

Body Features

Ear shape: elf-like; pointed and long Seven mouths: one in the normal spot, one on each palm, one on upper neck, one on lower neck, one on upper chest, and one on mid/low abdomen   Tail: prehensile, tiefling-like

Facial Features

Skin clarity: perfectly clear as a mortal, as a toji he has tear troughs that change in prominence based on his condition (usually more mental than physical) (on face)  
堕天 (toji)
by incorrigible (me)
cronchy toji daten pic

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoos: the toji magic seal is on the back of his neck Scars: various on back, torso, and limbs

Special abilities

Favored element: water– thinking that (effective) shapeshifting would be under water; the user’s body structure becoming as fluid as the element   Weakest element: earth– the unmoving, stubborn nature of earth is uncomfortable and awkward for a water magic master   Shapeshifting takes constant magic usage and concentration to maintain. Due to this, to disguise his appearance when he’s drinking and genuinely can’t be bothered, he uses illusion magic via a conduit. The concept is pretty similar to the appearance shifting of kitsune and tanuki where they use a leaf in the same manner. It’s a pretty basic skill, and is pretty easy to detect, for the most part.

Apparel & Accessories

Piercings: tongue piercing, anti-eyebrow. At least three “lobe” piercings (more than that- some on the other ear as well and tends to prefer more dangly earrings as a toji)


Divine Classification
Current Status
drinking away sorrows
old fuck
fem leaning? Kind of? More neutral as a mortal (just going for practicality with a bit of an appealing edge)
dark grey/black sclera, fuschia
light pink, straight, long- specifically to the backs of his calves, parted bangs, often lets his hair down, but in situations where it can get in the way he employs a variety of styles (usually a bun, single braid, or ponytail of unspecified height).
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
taller than red, slightly shorter than other
"the gods can suck my dick"
Character Prototype
what the fuck does this even mean why isn't there an "archetype" category? not every character is going to be "the first" for everything-- in fact, there are no original ideas


  toji : immortal, (has kind of a rude/negative connotation, as it only refers to those who pissed off the gods enough to be barred from dying entirely- sometimes used as an insult amongst mortals)

Cover image: by incorrigible (me)
Character Portrait image: by incorrigible (me)


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