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lucy lite

kind of like lucy heartfilia also mixed with the other dead yaksha (lol), with a bit of kagome and toga(?), also a bit of kagura   Was I going for manic bloodthirsty pixie dreamgirl lol? Deffo going for wind magic-- also; broadly characterized similar to Kagura (especially as a toji; very very selfish and looked out for only her own best interest, reguardless of who she had t betray. Very condescending and taunting(?)/playful(?) esp in combat, rather short fuse-- comparatively calm compared to others in the group) Always carries at least one tessen (usually more, though she typically only uses one at a time during combat unless in an extrodinary situation; does carry other weapons during wartime, but prefers tessen. Iron fans. )   While it's commonly assumed that she's from the far mainland-- where most of her species are from-- she is from a lineage that has been in the northeast archipelligo for millenia. Specifically, she's from the southernmost island; where it tends to be a bit warmer. She's rather sensitive to the cold, so she wears quite warm clothes when she must go north (or if it gets chilly in the south). As a toji, she favors extremely sheer, revealing clothing and frequents deserts.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

As mentioned above, she maily uses tessen, or iron fans. She always has one on her person, and enjoys using it as a non-weapon folding fan as well. She enjoys the elegant flare it provides both in and out of combat.

Personality Characteristics


Her primary motivation is money-- that's why she joined the guild(?) everyone else was part of: to gain access to the higher paying commissions available there. It was also a way to utilize her natural talents in physical ability and magic. She eventually grew attatched to people there, and her motivation extended to spending time around them.
green-blue and upturned
long, black, pulled up, with bangs
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
greyish beige and purple toned brown
considerably shorter than everyone else

Cover image: by incorrigible (me)
Character Portrait image: by incorrigible (me)


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