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little shit


little shit with a hairline fuse (kinda like the other one, actually), he's the natsu to the other one's grey   kind of thinking about that one cover that soraru did with urata (絶対敵対メチャキライヤ). the delinquent one's behavior (also a little like karma from ass class)   yet another member of the other one's group that became a toji (actually, all of them did-- which was a statistical anomaly of epic proportions)   Looks very delicate and elegant, but has a rough personality. Named for his coloration, which is near identical to the color of the 'dust' (or shattered pieces) that gensang become when they perish. It's considered unlucky for a child to have a pale or more blue-toned coloration (especially so for both at once). Also quite rare and memorable-- when he goes undercover and as a toji, he favors an orange pallete (though also uses others as he wishes-- did so less often before he was a toji, as glamours take constant concentracion and magic use).   Specialized in air/fire magic-- leaning more towards air-- he could manipulate sound and effectively shunshin (and other air magic) very easily, but he preferred electricity/lightning magic.   Name meaning: sən.feŋ: ghost fate (sən.weɪn n. ghost + vɔn.feŋ n. fate)


Social Aptitude

Purposefully disrespectful in almost every situation-- sometimes learns etiquette of different peoples specifically to violate it.   Additionally, it's quite well-known even among non-gensang that a gensang opening their mouth is a sign of disrespect (in addition to being quite disturbing/threatening for other species to witness), so he makes sure to do so in every situation that he can. He doesn't do it all the time-- its quite likely to spark fights-- but he (almost) always uncovers his mouth when interacting with the group (he means it in a "i don't respect you" way, but that's mostly a front).  
by incorrigible (me)
Simple veil sən.feŋ uses when he cannot get away with going without-- he has a few different colors, but tradition dictates that he must wear white in almost every situation.  
by incorrigible (me)
Partial mouth range (without showing tongue-- tongue is extremely long+prehensile).    
by incorrigible (me)
Default facial expression
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
251 2002 Years old
shaped like neuvillette's, with gradient darker blue sclera, and white irises/pupils
shaved side, very long elsewhere
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale blue, with purple/pink blush. hyperpigmentation is a darker blue
Sliiiiiightly shorter than TOO

Cover image: by incorrigible (me)
Character Portrait image: by incorrigible (me)


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