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"The other one"


All of this is coming from a more in-depth template, mostly because I prefer that-- I just think it's funny as hell to have a wiki that says "Current Status: trying to die" and shit. it helps me think of some things, and organize some of my thoughts, but not as much as just a google doc   most of these remind me of hatake kakashi's introduction in the og series lmao     Child name: méiyunzọ (damaged child)   Adult name: xianshèng (unending ash)

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Piercings: several ear piercings   Tattoos: the toji magic seal on the front of neck   Scars: many, all over face and body

Physical quirks

Tends to stand with pretty awful posture (like ban or dabi)-- upper back curved forward and hips canted out

Specialized Equipment

The weapon they specialze in is the nodachi, but as a Masuge warrior, they are also proficient with shorter swords, knives, bo, and empty handed combat.

Personality Characteristics


As a mortal, they wanted to be as powerful as possible, so they could fulfill all of the expectations of a Masuge warrior. This goal shifted a bit after they were sent to a southern village, to also encompass impressing and surpassing the abilities of Some Random Fucker.   As a toji, they just want to die. Which is problematic, as toji are barred from death; barred from the cycle.

Vices & Personality flaws

A variety of the smaller scars they possess were self-inflicted, but they are mostly overshadowed by the combat scars that also litter their body.   During wartime, they started to indulge in smoking (and drinking to some degree) in their down-time as a way to de-stress from the battlefield. Both habits carried over as a toji.


Contacts & Relations

Regarding Some Random Fucker: They idolized him, held him in a position of reverence, he was the most important person in their life-- they lived for his attention and praise and affection. In general, SRF held sort of an itachi role, being an older boy and protege that most were attracted to or looked up to. He was one of very few that could touch Too for many years.   Note that by the time that the conflict where srf perished, the entire group was extremely comfortable with each other, and even the more touch averse members would freely touch one another. (By touch, i mean close platonic stuff-- hanging off of each other, hugging, etc)


Divine Classification
Current Status
trying to die
old fuck
masc leaning/androgynous
black with red crosses as pupils and white(?) sclera
black, fluffy, kind of straight (madara or acnologia type hair), very long– to the calves, shorter pieces in front + grown out bangs, alternates between having it down or up, depending heavily on the situation
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tan (#D3AE97)
Pretty tall
fuck the gods

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