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Masuge are a humanoid species native to the northeast archipelligo in the northern hemisphere. The name used henceforth in this document, "Masuge", is taken from their native word for "mortal", or "person". They are, however, referred to by numerous other names in languages outside of their own, some more offensive than others.

Basic Information


Labled Skull by incorrigible (me)
A Masuge skull, pictured above. There are 20 teeth on the upper jaw and 18 teeth on the lower jaw, for a total of 38 teeth. The canine teeth are extremely long, set beside the six incisors, the outermost of which are also longer. The rear teeth are sharp and triangular.   Masuge have a nasal opening similar to that of members of the genus panthera, with a bone that extends triangularly down the center. They also have an epihyoideum, allowing them to roar, but not purr. Reguardless, they can still make content rumbling noises-- just not a proper purr.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Masuge are hypercarnivores, meaning that they are obligate carnivores that have a diet consisting of more than 70% meat. Specifically, Masuge eat various fish and animals common in or near their environment. Hunting is treated as a sacred rite-- one may not use weapons to catch or kill anything that is to be eaten. Typically masuge ambush and overpower medium to large prey, but depending on circumstance, they may go for small prey as well. Most masuge prefer to dispatch prey with a quick bite that severs the spinal cord.   Fruits, roots, fungus, vegetables, and spices are highly favored and gathered from near settlements or from cultivated patches. Masuge do not need to cook their food-- in fact they typically eat their meat raw-- but they do enjoy the tastes that can be created through cooking. They just have to do so in moderation, lest they become deficient in certain nutrients, such as thiamine. Most masuge adore spicy foods and tend to have a lower tolerance for sweet ones. They also tend to register bitter flavors as fruity.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

masuge-dǎo , translated as "Mortal Language". This name is rather ironic, considering this is also the common tongue of the gods-- specifically jensò, who was beyond pleased that a group of mortals ended up developing the language that he came into existance with a grasp of.
Average Height
1.8 - 2.1 m
Related Organizations
Related Ethnicities

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