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Some Random Fucker


As the title says, this is just some random fucker that had the misfortune to be the person that a toddler 堕天 bodily attached himself to after zipping out of a bush.   oops made him important (but not necessarily in the wide scheme of things? probably?)   Associated with crows, fire magic user   His adult name is dànhúa (protective-flower), named so for his loyalty and commitment to following orders to protect his people, along with his beauty.   His name as a child was ikanzọ (delicate-child).

Divine Domains

Knowledge-- he covers applied and experimental information, which carried over from his life as a mortal. Whenever he isn't in the mortal relm he's in jensò's library dimension, though he can't stand staying there for too long. He also has a personal dimension, which is modeled after his mortal home.   Note: SRF doesn't attain godhood until sometime after the beginning of the 'present' (redhead in a bad spot), as it took him ages to learn that he could become a deity, even longer to figure out and longer yet to complete the process.

Personality Characteristics


He had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge-- and in addition to that, he was obsessed with finding the limits of things and breaking past them. He wanted to explore and experience everything the world had to offer-- and if he had to invent a school of magic and fight shit to do that, even better!   In fact, that thirst was fueled partially by 堕天, as no one had ever seen anything like him before. As his official "first-discovery", SRF kept a detailed journal about 堕天-- something that survived to the 'present', along with many of his other works (although a considerable amount of them were kept in extremely inaccessable places, and very few people knew they existed).


Religious Views

He was a devout follower of general religion /for the actual gods/, though he held a rather neutral view on toji for the time (mostly because there were like... two of them and they didn't really do anything that he had glaring issues with). In fact, he told stories about them and interesting things they did (and straight up fantasy involving them).   That being said, part of the reason he's so fucking done when he finds out the two (and possibly others?) became toji is because, by nature of what they are, they had to have seriously pissed off the gods. Which in itself is split between "how dare you disrespect the gods" and "i knew you guys were disasters, but how do you fuck up that badly". also that meant that they'd never reunite in the afterlife, which deffo pissed him off.   He has a more complicated view of the gods (especially jensò) after effectively everyone he cared about became a toji. This being that he worshipped has barred his loved ones from joining him in the afterlife-- he still respects the god, but it's now with an undercurrent of bitterness.


Divine Classification
Current Status
pissed in the afterlife because all his friends are toji and making terrible decisions
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
like 15 when he found 堕天 and ~31 at his death
Date of Death
at some point well before redhead's existance (probably during the war that ended with wayyyy more toji than it started with)
238 269 31 years old
Androgynous, leaning masc
black, quite short when he found 堕天, but consistently grew it out after that-- until it reached his calves (which the other one and 堕天 proceeded to emulate)
as an adult, a bit taller than the other one
Known Languages
masuge-dǎo  Oni Language  Gensangyun    He always made a point of learning the native languages of all beings that fell into his care. It was a bit of a fun challenge for him-- to see how quickly he could retain information and properly put it to use. He also did so because he met most of the group that formed around him when they were children, with an imperfect grasp of masuge-dǎo, the main language of the region. It helped them to be able to express themselves in their native languages when they couldn't quite grasp how to in the main language.

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