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oni kid

younger boy, tentatively part of the other one's and daten's group and looked up to them as they did to SRF   eventually also became a toji, but he was only 12/13 when the rest of the group 'died', which really fucked him up. (honestly thinking of romeo before/after the 7 year time skip in fairy tail). the loss of all his closest friends and idols ripped away what little innocence he retained during wartime. he became a toji at around 18 (and was really fucking upset about it, as he had been throwing himself headfirst into every dangerous situation he could have, hoping it would kill him, and let him join his friends in the afterlife)   he wasn't originally raised or born into the same culture as the other one, but, being around them from a young age, he adopted much of it (along with the cultures of the other members of the group)   he's an oni, and his appearance in the character picture is how he looked during the time period he was turned into a toji.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Blind in right eye, wears traditional oni dye/lacquer on horns and face/body. He eventually develops/figures out ocular magic that he can focus in his eye, as he doesn't have to worry about damaging his vision. he has stretched ears, in which he wears plugs that have dangling pieces usually.
Current Status
in the midst of the world's (third) longest depression nap
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
gold sclera, blind in right eye, lighter gold iris
black/dark grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark red
tall af
Known Languages

Cover image: by incorrigible (me)
Character Portrait image: by incorrigible (me)


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