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cat girl

very flirty towards "The other one"; ends up being their first sexual partner. More of a bad girl archetype-- (inspired by one of the girls in a NPD animation meme; also that one winged girl from the 'in my mouth' animation meme-- also that one catgirl from fairy tail to some degree). She's from the south of the Northeast Archipellago, whereas too and srf are from the north.   not sure if she's gonna be a toji or if she's actually dead lol   has a bit of a rivalry with lucy lite, as they both vie for "The other one"'s attention, though they (much to their dismay) actually get along quite well (usually only readily apparent when they're both drunk). Has a more serious rivalry with 堕天, as he held much of too's and srf's attention.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Specializes in major earth magic-- specifically manipulation of earth. She's also pretty good at gravity manipulation, and dips into metal magic, but her mastery lies in earth manipulation (similar to earthbending).
flamingo (#EB571E)
cocoa brown (#2F2320)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
tony's pink (#E79B88)
shorter than too

Cover image: by incorrigible (me)
Character Portrait image: by incorrigible


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