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The Zenithal

"The Apogee of the Six..."

In matters of faith, many Gothens venerate and pray to a single deity. However, for many years the official church of Hairel Majour (and by proximity, much of Hariel Minuta) worshipped a subset of gods known as The Zenithal, or "The Six." The Zenithal is comprised of the six "greater" deities within the pantheon of Gothenya. The state religion of Wyeth was referred to as the Faith Zenithal, and until the Reformation, its high priests had massive sway over the crown and its edicts.   After the Sundering, and the associated "sleep" of the gods, faith in deities, both lesser and greater, waned greatly. Then, after nearly two hundred years of bloody conflict (which included, but was not exclusive to, the magic purges of the north) a new king of Wyeth decided to change things for good.   Thus in what is now referred to as "1 AW," the "heretic" king Jorson Wyeth, removed the power of the Faith Zenithal and declared a new age. One where the will of man superseded the destiny of now silent gods. This is not to say that faith in The Six has died out in the west, only that the influence of its representatives has dwindled... for now.   The symbol of the Zenithal is a spread, six-fingered hand (one bearing two thumbs) with an open eye at the tip of each finger.  

Below are the Deities of The Zenithal (or "The Six")...


Deity / Alignment / Status / Domain / Symbol

  YAREUSS (aka Elasaire) / NG / Greater / Life / A hand with an eye at its center   RYKTUSS / NE / Greater / Death / A skull minus its jaw   HINDELAINE / N / Greater / Nature and Worldly Harmony / A tree in bloom with exposed, tangled roots   OBARANE / LN / Greater / Order and Cosmic Law / Scales in balance   PRIX 'O PREYUSS / CN/ Greater / Chaos (Entropy), Lord Trickster (God of Thieves) / A black mask with a broad smile   CHRONOS / CN / Greater / Lord of Time (formerly Lord of War) / An hourglass with eyes  


The Zenithal is ruled from Angleport (previously from the capitol city of Markhan), and is presided over by the High Priest of Yaruess, who holds the key position in a council comprised of the high priests from the "first temple" of each of the faiths comprising "the six."   There are always exactly six members of this holy council.

Public Agenda

To spread the word of (and apocrypha related to) "The Six" across the entirety of the West, and even beyond.


The Faith Zenithal was (and still is in many regions) the primary religious order in the west, not the least because it was the Crown Faith of Wyeth. After the Sundering, when the gods fell (mostly) silent, the church was challenged by the (then) king of Wyeth, who sought to divest the faith of its political power. The repercussions of this rippled far and wide, with many privately (and some publicly) denouncing the king. Though few actually did anything about it, unrest ran deep throughout the holdings of Wyeth.   When the crown was usurped by "pretenders to the throne" several hundred years ago, there was an attempt to reconnect the Faith Zenithal directly to the Crown, thus centralizing the power of the church. It never came to be, as the crown was retaken by the Wyeth line before any major changes could take place.   This also resulted in a small exodus of those loyal to the Faith Zenithal, with many leaving Angleport to resettle in towns and cities more welcoming, such as Sacrament.

"For absolution, one need only look to the pinnacle."

Religious, Divine Host
Alternative Names
The Six
The Kingdom of Wyeth
Head of State
Head of Government
Parent Organization
Permeated Organizations
Controlled Territories
Related Myths

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