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Session 49 - Fight Night Part 2

General Summary

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19 Lamashan (Oct), 4720
Dreg'drokar. Demon lord of the abyss. Trapped within the magical Helm of Shadows for millennia, Dreg'drokar waited for his opportunity to regain his freedom and have his revenge on those who had imprisoned him. Finally, the day came when freedom was his. Ultimus, the construct that housed the Helm of Shadows, was invaded by a foreign intelligence that expunged the demon from his prison and shunted him into Doran's nearby corpse. Dreg'drokar took that flesh and reformed his body, then reformed the arena around him into a semblance of one of his old temples.

Zincher's Arena would be a place of worship. Or rather, sacrifices.

The Saviors of Sandpoint were still tending to their wounds from the prior battle when Dreg'drokar stepped onto the sand. The heroes quickly realized this fight would be much different than the one they had just fought. Blood did flow, and quickly. Kilgor was the first to fall unconscious. Quilith surrounded him with a protective barrier that the demon lord was unable to breach. So Dreg'drokar moved to the next closest target - Kumiko. In the blink of an eye, he snatched her up in his two giant pincers and tore her in half, dropping the pieces of her corpse to the ground.

Qulith told Tiberius Dragonhammer that he was needed, and the Riddleport Wrecker got to his feet. His presence seemed to bolster the spirits of the Saviors of Sandpoint. Those who were still conscious at least.

Mite used his saps and precise strikes to batter the demon lord's strength and agility with well-placed groin shots. Quilith struck from range, and Jayvielle channeled the strength of Desna and smote Dreg'drokar again, and again. But even Desna's devout warrior found himself beaten to the ground, only to be emboldened by Tiberius to continue the fight.
  Everyone - hero and demon - was barely standing when Jayvielle took his rapier and drew a line in the sand for a final time. Dreg'drokar stepped up to the challenge, refusing to be defeated by a tiny grippli.   But defeated he was. The Saviors of Sandpoint were victorious.  
In the aftermath, the corpses were looted. Quilith was able to focus his arcane magic into divination of sorts and raised Kumiko from the dead. With everyone back on their feet, the Saviors (and Tiberius) collected their winnings and left the arena. Tiberius returned to the Dragonhammer Gym and the heroes returned to the Cypher Lodge to speak with Elias Tammerhawk.

Elias toasted the heroes and congratulated them on their hard-fought victory. He told them that when they were ready to journey to the Valley of the Black Tower, he would have one of his people teleport them there. He also shared some Thassalonian history, remarking that of the seven runelords, two of them had been at war with each other in this part of Varisia - Alaznist the Runelord of Wrath, and Karzoug the Runelord of Greed.
Two men joined the heroes in celebration. They were field operatives who worked for Elias - a human named Liam Ferdraft, and a half-orc named Arcaan. Liam was familiar with Thassalonian history, while Arcaan was more knowledgeable about the region the heroes were hoping to go to.
During the festivities, Arcaan asked Jayvielle if he had some kind of marking on his back. When he confessed that he did, Arcaan explained that he had met someone who wanted to kill him! This man, a chelaxian noble named Maximus Merilander, had been the son of one of the members of the party that had killed Jayvielle's birthparents in the Mwangi Expanse. His mother, Brindalyn, upon hearing the news that a tribe of grippli had brutally murdered her husband, miscarried, and lost her unborn child. Brindalyn raised her remaining child Maximus in hatred of the sole grippli that survived, Jayvielle. The boy grew to be an assassin who was always on the hunt for the grippli. Arcaan had bumped into him in Korvosa and Maximus had said he wanted the grippli's skin. Arcaan assumed the skin held some kind of significant marking and was a bit disappointed when Jayvielle showed him his back.
The disappointment was short-lived, and the celebration continued. But they knew that another fight was coming, and those stakes would be considerably higher than gold.

Rewards Granted

  • 5000 gp from betting.
  • 230 gp from harvesting a Glabrezu eye.
After the corpse looting, these are the magic/noteworthy items:
  • From Doran's corpse: wand of gravity bow (10 charges +1 longbow, bracers of armor +4, cloak of resistance +3, headband of vast intelligence +4, a ring of protection +3, a ring of sustenance, 500 gp
  • From Xuk's corpse: +1 furious falchion, a belt of mighty constitution +4, 20 gp
  • From Carson's corpse: oil of silence, potion of cure serious wounds (2), potion of owl's wisdom, alchemist's fire; mithral chain shirt, amulet of natural armor +2, bag of holding III, belt of incredible dexterity +2, endless bandolier, goggles of night, headband of alluring charisma +2, sunrod (2), 175 gp


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06 Aug 2022
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