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Tiberius Dragonhammer

(a.k.a. The Riddleport Wrecker)

Tiberius Dragonhammer is a retired adventurer who has turned his celebrity status into marketing for his Dragonhammer Gym in Riddleport. Despite leaving the adventuring life behind him, Tiberius has found it difficult to step away from the spotlight of celebrity status and occasionally puts on exhibition fights. He also makes appearances in Clegg Zincher's arena from time to time.   But age and accumulated damage have crept up on Tiberius, which does not help his ego or chances of survival given his violent lifestyle. Thanks to the cesspool that is Riddleport, Tiberius has developed a bit of a dragonroot addiction, using it to enhance his impressive combat abilities during his fights. As a side effect of the dragonroot, Tiberius' arrogance becomes heightened and he will bite off more than he can chew when it comes to taking on odds that are not in his favor.
Current Residence
Piercing Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned, often greased
293 lbs
Ruled Locations