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Episode 67

General Summary

  • After narrowly averting being sent to the Plane of Fire, Telith Nordhof and the Guardians of Golarion noticed some old blood splattered across some of the crystals. Haitan told them that this wasn’t the first time the drow had attacked the Shrine. Some of that didn’t ring true to Reh , who questioned Haitan about it. Haitan resented being questioned. Rooker Shango noticed that the image of Haitan didn’t seem too real and there was a figure within the figure.
  • The Guardians stepped outside the Shrine and created a secured sanctuary. Chakos waited outside, feeling like a danger to the rest of the group.
  • After a night of rest, the Guardians prepared themselves and returned to the Shrine. Rooker used Truesight and saw through Haitan’s illusion. A female drow, Denrelwe of House Azrinae, had replaced the genie. The Guardians attacked and killed her before she could flee or do any more damage.
  • The altar in the Shrine concealed a basement cavern beneath. Sitting alone was a legless drow named Phaeriel. Phaeriel claimed to be a slave to House Azrinae, as well as an assistant of sorts to Lasdolon. She hinted at the fact that Lasdolon’s adopted brother Nolveniss was responsible for her legless condition.
  • The true Haitan Bhaq was trapped within a crystal on the far side of the cavern. Lasdolon had demanded her assistance, and when the genie refused he trapped her within the crystal. The Guardians were able to free her from her prison.
  • Phaeriel explained the purpose of the focus glyphs and gave the true location to the first one that they should destroy - The glyph of renewal. This glyph would restore any damaged glyph, so eliminating it would prevent the repair of the other glyphs. Rooker wished that Haitan could get them to the glyph, and they were all whisked away to a location known as the Crystal Plaza.
  • Once they arrived on the shore of a lake filled with black blood, the blue glyph appeared on Chakos’ chest. The image of Lasdolon appeared once again. He started to smile but seemed to recognize where they were, and frowned. He looked at Kuuro and attempted to Dominate her mind, giving her the order to “kill them all.” Kuuro then began to raise her bow.

Rewards Granted


  385, 339 + 11,885 = 397,224 XP!

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Freed Haitan Bhaq from her imprisonment.
  • Discovered the names and purpose of the five Focus Glyphs.
  • Discovered the location of the first Focus Glyph - the Glyph of Renewal.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Haitan Bhaq - Shaitan earth genie and self-appointed guardian of the Land of Black Blood. She opposes Lasdolon because she knows that his mission will cause a great deal of destruction, including turning much of the stone around her to lava. That is a fate deemed most unacceptable to the shaitan.
  • Phaeriel Jusztyl - female drow, slave of House Azrinae and former assistant to Lasdolon . She mentioned that they had traveled together on the surface world, but did not elaborate further on what she had assisted him with or what her role was.
Second Darkness
Telith Nordhof
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Rooker Shango
Report Date
12 Jul 2020
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