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Akashic Brotherhood

The Akashic Brotherhood, formerly known as the Sa'har Order under Khaylin Cirdanas, were an ancient order of monks that followed the Old Ways, a combination of mysticism and the forces of living magic that is the oldest, and origin, of much of the magic used presently.   Akasha, or the Old Ways, is an ancient form of magic whose use predates most forms of spellcasting known to the mortal world. Long before wizards began unravelling the secrets of the cosmos and codifying them into arcane formulae, and even before dragons, demons, and other beings of magic began mingling their blood with lesser species, wise mystics and abstruse visionaries bound the raw magical essence known as akasha into crude physical forms and bent its might to their enigmatic purposes.   Akasha is the power of creation itself, the very essence of magic. Akasha resonates with arcane, divine, and psionic energy, often acting as a natural amplifier for those power sources, though it is potent in its own right. Sages and scholars have debated whether akasha is the result of those power sources mixing and meshing with the life energy of mortal beings, or if perhaps it is the undiluted source from which those diverse powers sprang. What is known is that all creatures have some facility to access this power or be accessed by it.   Akashic Monks, the predecessors to Qinggong Monks, could tap into the akasha to enhance their ki. The masters of these orders were Elves, as their extended lives gave them the centuries necessary to master the Old Ways truly. Like any craft, artistic or mystical, elves embrace nuance and contemplate every aspect.  


The Akashic Brotherhood had a loose organizational structure. Initiates are those Akashic Sensitives who are newly inducted into the Brotherhood. After years of training and service, they can be elevated to Knight status. Knights protect the Winter Council and the Kingdom of Kyonin. Knights can also take an Initiate and begin their training. From there, Knights can be promoted to Master, but that promotion only comes from the recognition of other Masters. Generally, a Knight can be considered for Master status when their Initiate becomes a Knight in good service. Other Masters will convene and vote for the Knight to join them as a Master. Many Knights do not seek to become a Master, preferring to train other Initiates.   Much like the Sa'har Order, the High Council was considered the governing body of the Akashic Brotherhood. It consisted of eight Akashic Masters who were tasked with the responsibility of guiding the Brotherhood. The Council's activities included discussing events affecting Kyonin and discerning the will of the Akasha.   The Temple Master was the title bestowed on a Master deemed wisest and often, but not always, most powerful. The holder of the title served as leader of the Akashic Brotherhood and represented the Brotherhood on the Winter Council.

Public Agenda

Whether acting in secret or in the public eye, the Akashic Brotherhood always appears to act for the greater good of the elven people.


When the Sa'har Order left Golarion and returned to¬†Sovyrian to avoid the catastrophe, the Akashic Monks faced political pressures from several fronts. The Order found itself clashing with the traditional, rooted beliefs of the elven hierarchy. The elven people were thankful that the Sa'har Order had warned them of the disaster, but because they were so isolated from society, they were not trusted by their people. Over time, distrust gave way to curiosity, and many people came to join the Order, hoping to learn more about the mysteries of the Universe and the vast knowledge the Order had at its disposal. However, most of those who joined the Order were not Akashic Sensitive. They were academics seeking knowledge. Like the tide crashing against a beach, the Sa'har was worn down and changed. The Sa'har Order became a monastic center of knowledge, studying the Akasha rather than practicing it.   A schism had formed in the Order. The Akashic Sensitive branched off, keeping their training and rituals to themselves. They would not forsake the Old Ways and became the Akashic Brotherhood. They existed secretly, allowing others to believe them to be wizards, clerics, or sorcerers rather than Akashic Sensitive. While still loyal to their people, the Brotherhood had become knights rather than monks. Some of them continued to act in an advisory role to nobles and royals alike. But the knights were now the hands of the Winter Council, and those hands were not afraid to get blood on them for the greater good of the elven people.   Publically, the Akashic Brotherhood was viewed as their government's elite military force. Privately, the government was not entirely sure to who the Brotherhood answered. When the royal family needed them, the Akashic Brotherhood was often mobilized by the Winter Council. But the Akashic Brotherhood assured everyone they would do what was best for their people, regardless of who raised the flag.  

The Second Migration

  When the elven people returned to Golarion, the Sa'har Order built the Great Library in Minas Amer. The Akashic Brotherhood, however, began searching for the old Sa'har temples to find history lost to time. Some even tried to locate their "homeland" of Meropis. They had lost much in the time they were gone and wanted to reclaim their lost knowledge.   Generations passed, and a rift began to form between the more progressive leanings of the royal family and the traditional values of the Winter Council. With their views of the Old Ways intertwined with elven tradition, the Akashic Brotherhood began quietly distancing themselves from both. The royal family encouraged the Lantern Bearers to be their vanguard into Golarion, but even they became manipulated by the Winter Council.   Things came to a head when Lasdolon, secret temple master of the Akashic Brotherhood and member of the Winter Council, fell to the corruption of Tharzduun and betrayed his people. This betrayal brought the Winter Council's more shady dealings against Queen Telandia to light, and the Winter Council was disbanded. With them, the Akashic Brotherhood also seemed to vanish.   But neither stayed gone for long.   Sarnaris, a powerful Akashic Knight, was promoted by the Brotherhood to Temple Master. Not long after, he was approached by Lord Villastir and offered a seat on the reformed (and secretive) Winter Council.
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