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Lord Villastir

Lord Villastir is an elven noble and was the chief advisor to Queen Telandia Edasseril who lived in the small town of Siavenian in northern Kyonin. He closely watched a once-dormant elf gate, activated in 4720 AR by adventurers travelling from Minas Amer. Those same adventurers revealed his connection to the Winter Council, and he fled Iadara before he could be held accountable.   After vanishing for a time, Lord Villastir re-emerged under a shroud of secrecy when Kadrus Stormblade┬áreturned to Iadara. Villastir learned that the boy's memories had been altered to forget his past, including his father Lasdolon Stormblade. It was unclear who gave the order for the mind wipe, but Villastir used the boy's confused condition to his advantage. He restored Kadrus' memories and explained that Lasdolon had been a member of the Winter Council. The Queen's people, and perhaps the Queen herself, were responsible for altering his memories. The only ones that Kadrus could trust were Lord Villastir and the Winter Council.   Kadrus had no idea what fate had befallen his father. Villastir explained that Lasdolon was dead, along with his wife, Loriana. But through akashic meditation and divination magic, it could be possible for Kadrus to reach his father and speak to him once again. Villastir knew Lasdolon had access to powerful magic, and he hoped to persuade the boy to locate those items by communicating with his father.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Lord Villastir is an accomplished divination wizard and has used his magic to benefit himself at every opportunity. He has also accessed many of the Winter Council's ancient magic items and spellbooks to learn spells and incantations thought lost to the ages. He tends to do this covertly, not wanting the other members of the Council to know what he is capable of.

Personality Characteristics


Villastir takes his job protecting the elven homeland very seriously. As the new leader of the Winter Council, Lord Villastir has been frustrated by his current lack of control in the court of Queen Telandia. He is forced to operate through minions and subterfuge until he can mobilize his master plan that he believes will save his people and put them where they belong - at the top of the pecking order.   While he would like to close the borders of Iadara and seal off the elves from the rest of Golarion, he knows the practicality of that isn't easy given the Queen's desire to do the exact opposite.

Vices & Personality flaws

Lord Villastir believes that his people are being stained by the taint of the other, lesser races and wants to preserve the heritage of his people.

Personality Quirks

Before dealing with "lesser races," Lord Villastir will apply another dose of his rosemary and sage oil mixture to his wrists.


Every morning, Lord Villastir applies a scented oil to his wrists. He rubs them together and breathes deeply. The oil is a mix of rosemary and sage - a herbal and earthy scent that blends the aromatic properties of rosemary and sage essential oils for a clean, refreshing fragrance.


Contacts & Relations

Outside of the other members of the Council, Villastir has a few loyal noble allies that he uses for information gathering around Iadara and the kingdom. These are people he has leverage over, either through debt or blackmail. He can also use the resources of the other Council members as his own.

Wealth & Financial state

Lord Villastir has little in the way of personal funds. However, as the leader of the Winter Council, he utilizes the organization's resources as his own.
Lawful Neutral
Current Residence
Unknown, formerly Siavenian, Kyonin
Aligned Organization