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Meropis is a large island off the coast of what was once the Azlanti Empire. Meropis is a horn-shaped island to the top, and it curves to the southwest, where a vast mountain range is located, taking up the entire southern portion of Meropis. The northern half is a sprawling grassland, with hills ascending south. It consists of primarily idyllic orchards, and misty woodlands. There is silver coral along the coast, specifically in the east. Meropis was located near Mordant Spire, on the most western edge of Varisia.   On the northern tip of Meropis is the Henan Tower, a large tower of unique architecture that is the headquarters of the Sa'har Order, and the Council of Meropis. Along the mountains are various ruins, such as the Colosseum of the Old Ways and the Traitor's Vault. The Pagoda Shrine is a minor settlement, which contains the Vault of Fury'on, the Sa'hars artifact room.
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