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Hecker Maschinenbau

Hecker Maschinenbau (Hecker Mechanical Engineering), one of the three largest vehicle companies in Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt. The company has been around for around a thousand years, being one of the oldest companies in Heimatwelt. They focus on mostly vehicles of the wheeled variety, although they have dipped into making mechs at times. While not the most prominent mech designers, they have built the Staubschutzhülle-6, A massive artillery mech.   Hecker Maschinenbau is currently ran by Johann Hecker, a generational CEO. The HM is almost like a mafia family. Though non-criminal. You mess with a Hecker or a Hecker employee, the HM will stop at nothing to make sure you pay. Many times they work directly with the Gesetzeshüter to find whoever messed with their people.  


Hecker has been making quality vehicles for a long time.


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SM-44 & SMB-44

Public Agenda

Hecker exists to create a possitive working atmosphere, to promote comradery, and to create quality vehicles for both civilian and military uses.
  • Bharm Hecker III, 45th CEO of Hecker Maschinenbau
  • Infrastructure

    Hecker has most of its factories centered around Sacken, the entire town an industrial and port town. Although they have a couple factories in Heimat der Vorfahren.

    Part of the Family

    Founding Date
    Corporation, Transportation
    Alternative Names
    HM, Hecker Family
    Parent Organization


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