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Sturmordonnanzfahrzeu (Storm Ordnance Vehicle) is a 4X4 offroad truck, used extensively by Heimatwelt military, added to the Dünenreiter during the War of Stepmorian Attrition, giving the Dünenreiter extra power, and more of a likely hood of taking down armor. It now serves in almost every faccet of the military, from command structures to recon.   Using an uncommon V5 engine, the Sofie churns out 60 horsepower, carries 18 gallons of fuel, and gets 30 mpg   There are multiple versions of the Sofie   Sofie-B (Sturmordonnanfahzeu Befehl) A command version of the Sofie, where the back two seats are replaced with radios and antenna. The Sofie-B is able to drop its mobile command center wherever needed.   Sofie-D (Sturmordonnanfahzeu Dünenreiter) The Dünenreiter version of the Sofie, the Sofie-D has a 9.7mm SMMthrough the passenger's windshield, allowing the passenger to supply cover fire. It also has holders for 60mm ARs, or 120mm HRs and ammunition for it.   Sofie-Z (Sturmordonnanfahzeu Zivilist) The civilian version of the Sofie, the version has lost a lot of the military aspects, losing what little armor the Sofie has for better mpg.   Sofie-M (Stumordonnanfahzeu Mörtel) An artillery version of the Sofie, the Sofie-M has a 8 pounder mortar on the back, with different types of shells around the back.

Power Generation

Dieselmotor Zylinder Typ v-fünf


Dieselmotor Zylinder Typ v-fünf

Weapons & Armament

The common Sofie will have a mounted 9.7mm SMM machine gun, with a mount for the gunner. The Sofie-B has a SMM in the same position as a Sofie-D. The Sofie-D has extra places for 60mm ARs, or ammunition for a 120 HR. The Sofie-M has a mortar set in the back for long range covering.

Armor and defense

While not exactly armored like a mech, the Sofie does have some sort of armor on its sides and front to defend against bullets.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Sofie-B has a long range Mobiler Gefechtsstand/Funkverstärker (Mobile Command Post/Radio Amplifier), while the other varients (Excluding the Sofie-Z) Have normal radios.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Sofie trucks can tow field guns with them, along with trailers and some other things, with the ability to pull upwards of 4000 extra pounds.
Owning Organization
Military Formation Usage
1500 Währung (Plus extra for upgrades)
62 inches
140 inches
70 inches
2400 tons (Empty)
65MPH (50 when fully loaded)
Complement / Crew
2-4 (Depending on variant)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Extra 2000 lbs of supplies


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