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Dünenreiters, or, 'Dune Riders' Are Heimatweltian cavalry. Riding motorcycles into battle. They are one of the most feared Heimatwelter units due to their quick speed and small profile.   The Heimatwelter Dünenreiters have created a specialized way of communicating on the battlefield: Yodeling. They've learned it both works well over distance, and psychs out their opponent. No one has figured out how to crack Dünenreiter code. As they change it ever so slightly, only the Dünenreiter know what it is at any given time.



A Dünenreiter compliment is 500 vehicles, with 1505 personnel. Each soldier cares for their respective vehicle and guns, due to training they receive. Each compliment is split up into a company of 125, each company is split up into platoons of 25, and the platoons are split up into squads of 5. With three SM-44s, a SMB-44, and a Sturmordonnanzfahrzeu.


Dünenreiter wear the proper camo and uniform for whatever terrain they're fighting in, along with a mask over their mouth and goggles, to protect them from sand or dirt. They also carry a flare gun in case of being stranded or breaking down.   Their motorcycles carry a large amount of extra parts for both the cycles themselves, the soldiers weapons, and some even carry parts for other Mechs, if there is a join operation.   Extra gas is also kept on the motorcycles, along with medical supplies.


Dünenreiters carry a large assortment of weapons, including R10Ks, UMP-10s, PS-10s, and a Whitehowler Farco Snubnosed revolver in their blouses, in case of failure of equipment or crashes. They also carry hand grenades, AT/M magnetic mines, firebombs, and Sprengstoffe zur Fernzündung (Remote detonation explosives). The SMB-44s carry 8mm. Kader Unterdrückung leichtes Maschinengewehrs (8mm. Squad Suppression Light Machine Guns) and the Sofies carry 9,7 mm. Schweres montiertes Maschinengewehrs (9.7mm. Heavy Mounted Machine Guns), both machineguns run HP/L/PB2 (High Explosive White Phosphorus/Tracer/Armor Breaking). Along with 60mm Antimechanisierter Raketenwerfers (60mm Anti Mechenized Rocket Launchers).


Dünenreiters are quick mobile units, using both rushing tactics and sabotage tactics. Many times the tide of battle has been swayed by the arrival of Dünenreiters. Or even before, with Dünenreiters raiders wreaking havoc on an enemy camp. Dünenreiters mostly focus on working in their squads. A compliment may be deployed, and charge the enemy, but its more of a hundred squads attacking one position simultaneously,


A soldier who wants to join the Dünenreiters must first complete mechanics training, to make sure they can service their cycle, then go through strength training to be able to control said cycle during combat. Along with constant training on the yodeling commands, if a soldier fails any of this, they must wait 125 days to attempt it again.


Logistical Support

Dünenreiters have become their own logistical support, carrying everything they need on their cycles. A full compliment of Dünenreiters can traverse 500 miles without needing a supply line.


Ever since the Dünenreiters came to be, their enemies have feared them. Considered one of the wildest units in the Heimatwelt military. Even having a single platoon of Dünenreiters can make some surrender. Outside of war, the Dünenreiters are used as long range message and supply bringers.
Overall training Level
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