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Heimat der Vorfahren

Heimat der Vorfahren is the ancestorial home of the Heimatwelters, fitting, as the name of the city means just that: Ancestorial home. The first major camp in the lower reagion of the continent, Heimat der Vorfahren (nicknamed Vorfahrendorf by Heimatwelters) was originally a small circle of tents around a large fire. Over the years, the camp grew into a small village, with their accsess to the water, the Pre-Heimatwelters quickly grew in size and power. For the first ten thousand years not much changed, as, since what would become Vorfahrendorf was in a perfect location, they had very few enemies, and larger than usual population. Their reign was rapidly cut short, when a powerful being calling herself Ellara, Goddess of Morality, led a massive army of combined camps against the Pre-Vorfahrendorfians. Crushing them under her boot. Before forming the first loosly designed kingdom. Vorfahrendorf was named as the kingdoms capital hold, and Ellara ruled from a castle in the center of the rapidly expanding village. This castle stood as the center of Heimatwelt government, even after their transition to a Theocratical Republic. The castle was later razed to the ground during the Species War, and was replaced with the Platz der Regierungsgebäude, which took over the old castle grounds. Vorfahrendorf withstood a few other disasters since the Species War, including both an undead invasion, and an attempted Post-Godswar Stepmorian razing of the city.
— Except 'History of Heimatwelt' College textbook, page 88. Written by Evžen Mrázek
  Vorfahrendorf is the seat of Heimatwelt global power, but even it has a mayor and courthouse. Though the provance head is in Vorfahrendorf's sister city Waldbrinhau, allowing a little disconnect from Vorfahrendorf and the main government.


While Vorfahrendorf gave up its walls sometime after the Species war, that isn't to say the city doesn't have defenses. With hull down possitions in the forests, bunkers hidden in the brush, and small checkpoints in and out of town. The city itself has buildings set throughout. Designed for holding points and slowing down the enemy.   Vorfahrendorfs roads also contribute to it's defences. With certain points of the road being able to raise up, and create a massive roadblocks, cutting off heavy vehicles, and forcing infantry to move without extra support.   With the VS sitting in the bay, and large amounts of police and armed forces walking through the city, anyone mustering a full assault on Vorfahrendorf will have a high casulity rate. Especially when the citizens of Vorfahrendorf pick up their arms.

Industry & Trade

With large corporations like Magol headquartered in Vorfahren, there is no shortage of jobs within the city.     Vorfarhen boasts large factories for building of goods, producing 45% of the manufactured goods for Heimatwelt, the shipping ports, air bases, and trains ship out 55% of all Heimatweltian goods.


Vorfahrendorf had a major presence on the oceans long before it became the capital of Heimatwelt, and this continued even into the modern era. Vorfahrendorf is a major hub of both Naval and Airship travel, with .Poltang Luftfracht having a headquarters in the business circle of the city.   As trucking became a larger part of transport in Heimatwelt, Large truck stops were built throughout Vorfahrendorf, some big enough to be considered a complex, with hotel rooms for the drivers. Other transport personnel also use the stops, train personnel, which also play a major part in transport in Heimatwelt, with massive underground trainlines snaking through the country.   The northern part of the bay is reserved for naval transport. Allowing a large chunk of the beaches to be civilian useable. The shipyards are paired with the Verteidigungskräfte der Bucht. berthings. During the Undead invasion the guns of the VB were turned on Vorfahrendorf, slowing down the undead and allowing cargo and civilian ships to evacuate the masses.   All of Heimatwelt roads are build in massive concrete slabs. These large pieces of concrete can be cut, removed, and replaced by construction mechs when damaged. Allowing the AVS to rapidly fix and replace damaged roads and infrastructure.  
Getting everyone where they need to go in the quickest time, and the safest way.
— Motto of the AVS
  The roads within Vorfahrendorf are designed for both motorized vehicles and pedestrians. With trees lining the sides of the roads, and benches, along with public restrooms and phone booths. The roads themselves are kept well painted and in good condition. Heimatwelt prides itself on it's regimental driving style.   Some parts of Vorfahrendorf's residential area is pedestrian only. With hand laid brick 'roads', wide enough to allow the Rettungsdienst to drive to locations they were called to. Most of the residential areas are massive multimile cul-de-sacs, with a large communal park in the center of the cul-de-sac.   Vorfahrendorfs public transport system runs mostly on underground trains for workers who need to get where they're going rapidly (but also costs more), and the above ground trolly systems that run between both sides of the road. Allowing a slower, but cheaper alternitive to those who just need to go to a place, and not hurry there. Taxis and rent-a-cycle stations also exist, but are less used than the train and trolly.


Vorfahrendorf, although being one of the oldest cities in Heimatwelt, has been rebuilt multiple times, each time becoming more modern. When the city was nearly fully destroyed by the undead invasion, the Kern during that time, Kern Tommy Heun, spent days with AVS and military personnel, rebuilding the razed Vorfahrendorf in a way that both maximized the cleanliness of the city; Removing the wild curving roads, and applying a grid system. And allowed a more military defense. Including buildings set throughout the city that became military strongholds and outposts.   Before the razing of the city the police had strangely shaped districts, but after Kern Heun rebuilt the city, each station held a more squareish district, allowing officers to know the limits of their district, along with some specialized stations, including the Naval Station, and the Platz Polizei.

Points of interest

Magol HQ: The huge skyscraper just Northwest of the Church of Göttin der Moral, it towers above most of the buildings in the cooperate sector. It is 47 stories tall, in all standing around 500 feet tall. There are guest locations inside of the building, with restaurants, small stores, and photo locations. It has become sort of a tourist location as more spaces are rented out for retail.     Military Base (Fort Wendland): A large military base set in the industrial sector, Fort Wendland holds a large number of home guard forces, who work closely with first responders during emergencies. Offically given the designation Hauswachpostennummer 001 (Home Guard Post Number 001)     Church of Göttin der Moral: The main temple for Ellara, the godess of morals. Built to the north of the bay, the tower itself has an amazing view of the bay, and the surrounding houses. Currently it stands a the tallest building in the residential sector, though as technology advances some apartment complexes are being built.     Platz der Regierungssitze: (Square of government seats), the large park where the buildings of the Drei Haus Regierund sit, To the furthest north part of the plaza sits the Repräsentative Häuser des Volkes (representative houses of the people), where the Dualität der Sektoren and the Auserwählt von vielen meet.   To the furthest south, closest to the Church of Göttin der Moral sits the Gebäude der Obersten Moralischen Justiz (Building of the Supreme Moral Justice). Where those elected to the seats of the Hoher Moralischer Kompass des Volkes meet and decide on judical matters.   In the center of the plaza sits the Zitadelle des Kerns (Citadel of the Core), where the Kern and their families live. While not looking like the largest building, the design itself digs into the ground. There were many issues while building the Citadel, most of which included flooding, although there were a few 'terrorist' attacks. The Citadel itself has been rebuild nearly 40 times throughout the years.
Founding Date
Sometime around 00010-00030
Alternative Name(s)
Ellaras strahlendes Juwel
Inhabitant Demonym
Vorfahrendorfers, Vorfahrendorfians
Owning Organization
Characters in Location


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