Heimat der Vorfahren

Heimat der Vorfahren, the Shining Jewel of Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt (Leuchtendes Juwel von Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt), Sits in a bay with her sister city of Waldbrinhau, acting as one of Alls Als Eins Heimatwelt's main port cities, it also houses the main facilities for the government of Heimatwelt, along with the Haus des Kernführers (House of the Core Leader).   Long ago, The Goddess Ellara started the small town, designating it as the capital city of the developing nation. Ever since that time, the town grew into a city, now, as it quickly approaches metropolis status, it shows no signs of slowing down.   With around 53,000 permanent residents living within its limits, it is one of the top ten largest cities in the world. And the largest in Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt.   With a large variation of people living within the city, it boasts a large assortment of culture, with Puhdasverinen logical debates and dances, Garakuta wrestling and festivals, even some Shayeda horse races and Mekhanicheskiy Ostrovityanin tests of endurace. Not a day goes by without some type of activity going on.   Large amounts of tourists and merchants come into the city, fluctuating the population by around 7,000 within a full year. Many fancy hotels and rental properties have been built to withstand this fluctuation, with some of the richest people in Heimat der Vorfahren being landowners.


People within Vorfahrens normally sit decently above the Heimatwelt poverty line, with a homeless rate of 3.3 (1749 people).  
  • 106 people are Stepmorian refugees
  • 159 are Mekhanicheskiy Ostrovityanin
  • 265 are Shayeda Tribesmen
  • 10600 are Puhdasverinen (With 600 being scientists, 3000 as soldiers or training personnel, 7000 are civilians)
  • 7950 are Garakuta (950 are special forces, 7000 are civilians)
  • 33920 are Heimatwelters. (10,000 are soldiers, 2300 are civilians, 920 are first responders)
  (Civilians include services like hospital staff, doctors, politicians, ect)


While the Heimatweltian government is based in Vorfahren, it has it own set of leadership, separating it from the direct rule of the Drei Haus Regierund. Running like a Province, with an elected governor. Although the province houses are in Waldbrinhau.   To combat homelessness and unemployment, Vorfahren approved building of 'bunkhouses'; Buildings with small, personal apartments for the residents. And gave them starter jobs and training to start them off. The residents must follow a set of rules to continue living in the bunkhouses. The complexes are ran by the Büro für die Verbesserung der Obdachlosen und Arbeitslosen.


Walled cities have not been common practice in Heimatwelt for nearly a thousand years, the defenses of the city rely mostly on the gun emplacements around the outskirts, and hidden throughout the city, with a twenty-mile perimeter around the city having pillboxes, cannon emplacements, and mortar pits.

Industry & Trade

With large corporations like Magol headquartered in Vorfahren, there is no shortage of jobs within the city.     Vorfarhen boasts large factories for building of goods, producing 45% of the manufactured goods for Heimatwelt, the shipping ports, air bases, and trains ship out 55% of all Heimatweltian goods.


With a large presence of shipyards, both Naval and Airships, and train crisscrossing through the city, the cargo hauling industry of Vorfahren never sleeps. While not having ship yards for building ships, Vorfahren always has ships coming in and out of its bay.     The roads in Vorfahren, and most of Heimatwelt are built with rock slabs, reinforced with a strong metal alloy. Desigened to be easily removed and replaced. A MK23 Arbeiterklasse Summerkrabbe can replace an entire mile of road within a day, during optimal conditions.


The city is split up into three main sections:  
  • The Corporate Sector
  • The Industrial Sector
  • The Residential Sector
Each sector slips into the next, with the Residential sector in the center of the city, The Corporate Sector in the mid ring, and The Industrial Sector on the outskirts of the city. Within the Residential Sector are stores, bars, restaurants and the like.

Points of interest

Magol HQ: The huge skyscraper just Northwest of the Church of Göttin der Moral, it towers above most of the buildings in the cooperate sector. It is 47 stories tall, in all standing around 500 feet tall. There are guest locations inside of the building, with restaurants, small stores, and photo locations. It has become sort of a tourist location as more spaces are rented out for retail.     Military Base (Fort Wendland): A large military base set in the industrial sector, Fort Wendland holds a large number of home guard forces, who work closely with first responders during emergencies. Offically given the designation Hauswachpostennummer 001 (Home Guard Post Number 001)     Church of Göttin der Moral: The main temple for Ellara, the godess of morals. Built to the north of the bay, the tower itself has an amazing view of the bay, and the surrounding houses. Currently it stands a the tallest building in the residential sector, though as technology advances some apartment complexes are being built.     Platz der Regierungssitze: (Square of government seats), the large park where the buildings of the Drei Haus Regierund sit, To the furthest north part of the plaza sits the Repräsentative Häuser des Volkes (representative houses of the people), where the Dualität der Sektoren and the Auserwählt von vielen meet.   To the furthest south, closest to the Church of Göttin der Moral sits the Gebäude der Obersten Moralischen Justiz (Building of the Supreme Moral Justice). Where those elected to the seats of the Hoher Moralischer Kompass des Volkes meet and decide on judical matters.   In the center of the plaza sits the Zitadelle des Kerns (Citadel of the Core), where the Kern and their families live. While not looking like the largest building, the design itself digs into the ground. There were many issues while building the Citadel, most of which included flooding, although there were a few 'terrorist' attacks. The Citadel itself has been rebuild nearly 40 times throughout the years.
Founding Date
Unknown date, Black Sun Era
Alternative Name(s)
Leuchtendes Juwel von Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt
53000. (Fluctuation of 7k)
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
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