Ellara, Goddess of Morality

Göttin der Moral Ellara (a.k.a. Ella Weide) (She/Her)

Ellara, Goddess of Morality, the chosen god for those living in Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt, one of the three remaining gods that Ronebore was unable to kill, sister to the late god of war. Known in human form as Ella Weide, Ellara is one of the more relaxed gods, preferring to let the people run the country she is protecting. She is close friends with the other two friendly gods, Ubas and Honmosia. The two ocassonaily coming over to her tavern and spending a night talking and drinking, catching up like normal mortals

Divine Domains

Physical plane

Holy Books & Codes

Die acht Kardinalregeln der Moral   Legenden und Mythen der Drei   Bruder und Schwester; Mythen von Moral und Krieg

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Ellara's churches normally have some type of balance or scale, to denote fairness and morality.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As a god, Ellara can take whatever form she wants, but in her human form of Ella, she is a strong, yet slightly short individual, with toned arms and legs, and a solid set of abs.

Body Features

Even though she does alot of hard work, Ella's skin is still very soft, her hands are immaculate and only have the smallest of scars from working with sharp objects.

Facial Features

If one pays close attention to Ella's eyes, one can notice that, occasionally, her eyes revert to the pure black of her goddess form, although she hides it well.   She also has a splash of freckles across her nose and cheeks

Identifying Characteristics

Ella's golden hair and amber eyes always set her apart from mortals, although it isn't wild enough to be noticed as being problematic.

Apparel & Accessories

Ellara, in her deity form, wears a white dress, paired with black shoes, a black belt with her symbol (The scales) on the center, and a floating halo above her head.   Ella, the human, wears common clothing, although a bit out of date. She wears a small scale necklace, and has her hair in a crown braid, like her halo.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Created before conception of time, Ellara, and the other gods, created the universe and chose a planet to create sentient life. Letting them run themselves with no outside influence, when they started destroying the world, the gods stepped in, pulling together groups of people and creating cultures. Ellara chose a group of angry people on a peninsula, shocking them all with her power. She helped run them and create the first city. when Ronebore decided to take over the world, Ellara, along with the remaining gods and mortals, lead the war.



Ella speaks with a melodic voice, with the ever present Heimatweltian accent, although she slips sometimes and throws in a bit of her deity accent (Echo)
Divine Classification
Current Location
Current Residence
The Copper Wire Inn
Goddess form: Pure black eyes. Flesh form: Amber
Long, braided, golden
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Goddess form: Pale. Flesh form: Tanned
Goddess form: Varies. Flesh form: 5'2
Goddess form: Unknown. Flesh form: 112
Götten der Moral
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements


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