Daniela Eckstein

Kern des Hauses Daniela Ludger Eckstein (a.k.a. Kern Ekstein) (She/Her)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Daniela is in excellent physical condition, and most men can barely tear their eyes from her.

Facial Features

With a smooth jaw, and piercing green eyes, Daniela's face stands out in a crowd

Apparel & Accessories

Commonly seen wearing relaxed wear, with a Körperball hat from her hometown. During more formal events she wears a suit and a tie.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born right before the war that crushed the occupying forces of Stepmor on Ocone, Daniela Eckstein was born on 2/66/49977, to Rolf and Yvette Eckstein, two carpenters from the town of Kirch. Raised as the successor to her fathers business, Daniela, after seeing the way Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt jumped feet first into the war, she felt lead to join the Korps junger Führungskräfte of her town (A organization designed to teach young children to be leaders)   When she turned 16, she took an internship, working as a page for one of the members of the Auserwählt von vielen, soon after, her 'boss' decided, to further her career, to send the young girl to work for the Kern des Hauses. She fell in good favor with the people of the Kern. And when she decided to run for office, the former Kern supported her, though the people felt she was right for what they wanted, she's slated in popularity polls to serve all 20 years that she can.


Educated at her hometown school, Daniela stayed pace with her classmates, getting mostly 80-90% grades, except in social studies and history, where she got 110% grades. She also joined the Korps junger Führungskräfte and became the region Kommender Anführer (upcoming leader)   When she went to her internships, she quickly became trusted personal of both houses, with each representative asking for her help in certain things.   While taking her internship she also took Neue Erwachsenenschule classes in history, politics, and diplomacy.


While not having many jobs, Daniela worked most of her young life as a carpenter in her fathers workshop. Once she moved to the capitol she took a job as a waitress, and, obviously, she now leads the country as its Kern (core)

Accomplishments & Achievements

Though some people would say Daniela had it too easy, most don't know of her hardships, which include losing three unborn siblings, and her mother and young sister in an accident.

Mental Trauma

Daniela has severe nightmares, from when she was on a battlefield as a new Kern des Hauses, trying to cheer the soldiers there up.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Kern des Hauses
Currently Held Titles
Bright green, piercing.
Short, bunned, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations


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