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SM-44 & SMB-44

The Sandläufer Motorrad-44 (Sand Runner motorcycle 44) Is the long used Heimatwelter motorcycle, commonly used by the Dünenreiter, The SM-44 is a pinnacle for Heimatwelt motorcycles. Not being changed for a couple hundred years.   Quick as a flash, the SM-44 is also used by civilians back home, as old surplus bikes are sold on the cheap, whenever new versions of the SM come out.   The SM-44 uses a four stroke V-4 engine, capable of churning out 20 horsepower, with a tank able of holding 6 gallons and running 80 miles to the gallon.   There is another variant to the SM-44, the SMB-44, Sandläufer Motorrad Beiwagen-44 (Sand runner Motorcycle Sidecar), which has the added sidecar, and a 8mm. Kader Unterdrückung leichtes Maschinengewehr, commonly loaded with HP (Hochexplosiver Phosphor, High Explosive Phosphorus) rounds for taking on mechs and tanks.

Power Generation

Dieselmotor Zylindertyp v-vier


Dieselmotor Zylindertyp v-vier

Weapons & Armament

Sidecar includes a 8mm. Kader Unterdrückung leichtes Maschinengewehr (8mm. Squad Suppression Light Machine Gun)


The SM-44s carry two 3 gallon tanks, along with extra tires, spare tools, parts for fixing on the go. Ammunition for any guns, firebombs, grenades, and magnetic ATM mines. Medical supplies, and rations.   SMB-44s carry an extra two gallon tanks, a full tire on the back of the sidecar. Along with extra ammunition, and parts for the machine gun.
Jodler Fahrrad (Yodel Bike)
Owning Organization
Military Formation Usage
500 Währung
39 inches (69 with sidecar)
89 inches (100 with sidecar)
45 inches
900 lbs unloaded
70 mph (60-50 fully loaded)
Complement / Crew
1 driver, w/sidecar 1 gunner
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
upwards of an extra 1100 pounds (Sidecar adds an extra 500 to carry weight)


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