If you're having a problem while in Heimatwelt, find an officer of the Gesetzeshüter. They'll go the extra mile to make sure all's well, whether you're lost, mugged, or have some trouble with the local laws. You can even ask them where to get a bite, they'll be happy to help!   But remember to never, ever, show disrespect to them, or the law. After all, no law of Heimatwelt is a foolish one. So, rest assured, if you ever get a Gesetzeshüter running after you, you more than likely deserve it....
— Exerpt from 'Places of the world: Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt' By Vilppu Savela

  The Gesetzeshüter is the law enforcement group of Heimatwelt, formed to protect the citizens from those who would actively, or accidentally go against the rules, regulations, and laws of Heimatwelt. Known for being very helpful, and respecting of all those who they serve. The Gesetzeshüter's main purpose is to keep order, and make sure everyone is okay.  


In smaller towns, there normally is only a couple Gesetzeshüter with vehicles. Most either walk, or ride bicycles. In larger towns and cities (With over 1000 people) Each officers or pair of officers has a vehicle. Mostly Magol Verhandlungsführer Although some use repurposed Sturmordonnanzfahrzeu, removing anything in the back, and placing an enclosed cell like design, to protect the prisoner inside.   In some cases, officers will use SM-44s instead of bicycles.  


There are four main divisions
  Streife, Untersuchung, EWAAK (BREAK), Dissens Deeskalationstruppe. Each one works with the other, sometimes an officer can be part of multiple divisions.  

Streife (Patrol)

The largest division, the Streife is made up of normal officers; Officers that walk the streets, deal with the common people, and assist in civic disputes.   The officers wear a simple uniform: A black coat, with six silver buttons. Black gloves, a reflective armband around their right arm, black trousers, and a specialized vest, that holds some of their equipment. Their gun goes on their belt in a lockable holster that is hard to unlock unless you are wearing it. Some officers wear the field service covers, similar to the Heimatwelt military, while others forgo the covers entirely. Officers usual have a PS-10 pistol, and a MKM sub machine gun or 12KNS in their vehicle. Along with a flashlight, three sets of handcuffs, a baton, a radio, and some medical supplies.   Streife officers are trained not to pull their weapons unless all options have been exhausted. They normally work in pairs, and have recording gear on them, to try and avoid problems. If an officer believes themselves in mortal danger, they are allowed to use whatever force they deem necessary, though most officers try and avoid this at all costs.   The officers of the Streife are subject to monthly mental reviews, to reaffirm their vows and make sure they are not becoming angry, or dangerous.  

Untersuchung (Investigation)

The detectives of the Gesetzeshüter, officers of the Untersuchung are chosen for their attention to detail, and deduction skills. Some officers never see field duty, due to their time being spent in forensics, while some officers are taken from other divisions.   The Untersuchung do not have a specific uniform, and wear normal clothes. Though most wear some type of baggy shirt, or cargo pants, to hold items.   They have as much authority as a Streife Officer, but focus more on finding criminals, while the Streifie focus on stopping them during the act, the Untersuchung focus on making them pay afterwards, usually working in pairs of four.   Like Streife, if a Untersuchung officer feels their life is in danger, they are allowed to use whatever force required.   They too are subject to monthly mental reviews.  

Eindringen, Wiederherstellen, Auswerten, Angreifen, Kabumm. (Breach, Recover, Evaluate, Attack, Kaboom)

The EWAAK, or BREAK, is the heavy hitting group of the Gesetzeshüter. Created for those who are very, very dangerous, when normal officers cannot break through. When a person baracades themselves in their house, with a hostage, or someone makes the mistake of trying to rob a bank, or something large. the EWAAK are sent.   They wear heavy armor, able of stopping pistol caliber bullets, and even some rifle caliber. Some akin them to juggernauts. Their whole body is covered with it, making it hard for them to move quickly, but they usually work along side Streife officers, so that isnt as important. They carry riffles, UMP-10s, or sometimes even KULM light machine guns.   EWAAK are not required to hold back, as when they are called, all options have been used, although most times the EWAAK officers will offer one last chance to surrender, sometimes its taken. EWAAK are mostly veterans, as such they are very sure of their combat abilities, and will charge in, esspecially when there is a hostage,   EWAAK are required to have quarterly (150 days) Mental check ups, to make sure they arent getting too wild.  

Dissens Deeskalationstruppe (Dissent Deescelation Squad)

The Dissens Deeskalationstruppe is not a common sight among Heimatwelt. The Anti-riot forces of the Gesetzeshüter, they focus mostly on slowing, interviening, breaking up, and area denial of rioting people.   The DDS wear an almost halfway uniform, having extra armor on the chest, legs, and arms, along with a military style helmet. But not so much armor they cannot move. They carry strong, moblie riot shields, batons, shotguns loaded with gas, and chalk rounds, and 30 Mike Mike launchers, loaded with gas and beanbags. Some of the bigger cities have started experimenting with electric packs on the batons, to stun the rioters.   DDS are mostly Streife officers who are doning the gear. Sometimes DDS units are deployed along side EWAAK, to help deny the criminals space and positions.   DDS are something Heimatwelters rarely see, as the protests that do happen are peaceful. Though the DDS is used in capturied territories, or slowing down monster attacks, as the gas used seems to effect them as much as anyone else.   DDS officers are checked on monthly, making sure they are mentally sound.


Chef der Strafverfolgungsbehörde (Chief of Law Enforcement)
  The leader of the Gesetzeshüter, the person who is the Chef Der Strafverfolgungsbehörde helps keep control over the officer, and helps decide when nation wide actions need to be taken, like manhunts, or deployment of the DDS   Offiziermeister (Master Officer/Constable)
The leader of a province, the Offiziermeister acts similarly to the CS (Chef der Strafverfolgungsbehörde) but on a smaller scale. They can deploy the DDS, and orginize manhunts, but nation wide actions need to be approved by the CS.   Unteroffizier Wachtmeister (Sergeant Officer/Constable)
The station leader. The Unteroffizier Wachtmeister leads a department of police, controling the officers inside of their juristiction.   Veteran Wachtmeister (Veteran Officer/Constable)
An Officer with over 20 years of service, the Veteran Wachtmeister get first choice on equipment and calls. Any department is lucky to have a Veteran Wachtmeister.   Wachtmeister (Officer/Constable)
The most common officer, one with at least 2 years of experiance. 90% of field officers are a simple Wachtmeister.   Neuer Wachtmeister (New Officer/Constable)
The newest officer, with less than two years on. The NW officers get the scraps of the supplies, but do well.

Beschützen, Dienen, Lehren, Verteidigen.

Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Police, LEO
Parent Organization
Organization Vehicles


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