Magol Verhandlungsführer

It's quite a sight, seeing a Gesetzeshüter Verhandlungsführer screaming down the road at high speeds. Normally the roads of Heimatwelt are quite clear, with almost ridged driving. But when the sirens go off, everyone almost dives to the side of the road to let the officer go through.
— Excerpt from 'Places of the world: Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt' By Vilppu Savela
  The Magol 'Verhand' Verhandlungsführer is mostly known as a Gesetzeshüter vehicle, as Magol first designed the car for the officers. The public then requested that they be made open, after some well used Strafverfolgung Kreuzer were sold secondhand to civilians.  


There are three types of Verhand. The Civilian Erweiterter Kofferraum and normal variant, and the Gesetzeshüter Kreuzer.  



The interior of the civilian cars are nice and comfortable, with enough room for six people, with a Flarewood interior. The seats are made out of leather, and come in black, white, tan, or grey. The outside of the car is painted in many different colors, and a long antenna sticks out the driver back fin.  


The police cars are built much tougher, with metal interiors, and a seperator dividing the front seats from the back seats. Sitting between the driver and passenger seats is a large radio, which acts as a booster for the officers radios, and connects the car with dispatch. The outside of the car is painted a dark grey, with the departmet or station seal on the front doors. The back of the car has a handful of antenna. The lights are on top of the roof, in the grill, and on the pillers of the windshield, the Sirens are placed on the top lights, and grill lights. The sirens are smaller versions of city wide air raid sirens, with a slightly different sound to distinct them from their larger cousins, creating a long, wailing sound. When officers need to move quickly from one place to another, they can activate the emercancy siren, which has a much quicker, and louder pitch

Power Generation

Benzinmotor Typ V8

Fuel Capacity: 14 Gallon (53 liter)
  Duel Exaust
  4 Barrel carbarator
  270hp (201 kW; 274 PS)
  360 pound force-feet (490 N⋅m) of torque
  4 speed transition  

Kreuzer Benzinmotor Typ V8

Fuel Capacity: 16 Gallon (60.7 liter)
  Duel Exaust
  4 Barrel carbarator
  300hp (223.7 kW; 304.2 PS)
  400 pound force-feet (542.3 N⋅m) of torque
  5 speed transition


Constant AWD   117 inch (297.2 cm) wheelbase   27 inch (68.6 cm) tires

Weapons & Armament

The Gesetzeshüter Kreuzer variant has weapons placements in the back trunk, including the officers gear.   The trunk can hold enough equipment for two officers, including two long gun placements, two submachine gun placements, ammo and magazine bins, medical supplies, a fire extinguisher, three rolls of crime scene tape, a sorter for law books and regulation books, extra plates, floodlights, cones, extra handcuffs, wet and cold gear, two extra batons, hands on gloves, flashlights, flares, road spikes, car picks, and a spare tire.

Armor and defense

The Kreuzer has been armored for its duties, including door armor, engine armor, and armor platting around the trunk, to keep the officers equipment safe.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Kreuzer has a powerful Autoradio für Strafverfolgungsbehörden set in the center console of the car, for talking with dispatch and other cars.
Owning Organization
Civilian Variant:1500 Währung. Cruiser Variant:2400 Währung
71.32 in (181.2 cm)
200.15 in (508.4 cm)
58 in (147.3 cm)
Civilian variant 2258 lbs (1024.7 kg). Cruiser variant: 3021 lbs (1370.3 kg)
Civilian: 106 mph (171 kph) Cruiser: 129 mph (207.6 kph)
Complement / Crew
Civilian: 1 Driver, 5 passengers. Cruiser: 2 Officers, 2 passengers.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1000 pounds, including persons


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