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HM Staubschutzhülle

The Hecker Machenenbau Staubschutzhülle (Dust Cover) is Heimatwelts heavy artillery mech. Standing a whopping 45 feet tall, the Staubschutzhülle shakes the ground with every step of its four massive legs.   The massive mech is operated by a crew of 15. Although, to fight, it only needs 2, (Although doing this cuts down its firing rate immensely).   Firing 600mm shells, each shell weighing in at around 4500 lbs. The mech itself can only hold around 5 shells, it is commonly followed around by transport trucks, which load extra shells as the mech fires them. The mech accepts extra shells using a elevator in the back, and ejects them by rolling them out the left side of the mech. The whole procsess of firing a round with full crew takes about three minutes. With minimal crew, it takes about ten minutes.   It also bristles with 6 SMM machine guns, crewed by the six extra gunners, two on each side of the mech.   While moving, the main gun is inoperbale, as it must be laid down to move. When preparing to fire, the mech crouches down, and uses its legs as stabalizers. The whole procsess of preparing to fire takes around five minutes.

Power Generation

Dieselmotor Typ v-Zwanzig Turbolader


High output hydraulics systems   4 Large Mech legs, two per side.

Weapons & Armament

Main Armament

600mm artillery cannon

Maximum range: 30 Miles Crater size: 4000 square feet  

Secondary Armament

6 SMM heavy machine guns, 2 per side.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Staubschutzhülle has a Mobiler Gefechtsstand/Funkverstärker (Mobile Command Post/Radio Amplifier) that has been modified for a more permenant posting inside of the mech.


The Staubschutzhülle has been outfitted with rudimentery proxemitiy sensors, and radar
Donner und Blindheit
Owning Organization
250,000 Währung
33 ft
40 ft
45ft (Walking) 20ft (Firing)
20,000 lbs (Empty) 45,200 lbs (Combat Ready) 50,000 lbs (Fully loaded)
30 mph
Complement / Crew
15 (6 gunners, 2 drivers, 1 commander, 1 radio operator, 2 aimers, 2 loaders, 1 arty gunner)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
8000 lbs of cargo and passengers


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