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Military Sector

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A branch of the Arshan Federation's government that oversees and manages the entirety of the Arshan armed forces.

Under the leadership of the Admiral Director and the highest level command branch known as Zulu Command, the Military Sector encompasses all branches of the Federation's armed forces including its army and navy with only two exceptions. These military branches are the Alfa Elite Forces, Delta Naval Forces, Fokstrot Ground Forces, and Tango Aerostar Forces. Between these branches the full might of the Arshan military is organized and brought to bear against the Federation's enemies, protecting the country's territories and population from external threat.


The Military Sector is divided into four main branches, referred to as 'Forces'. Each branch governs a specific area of the military, but work closely together to achieve whatever strategic goals are required by the Admiral-Director. Each branch is further broken down into tiered groups, the exact details varying dependent on branch or even division within each branch. The entirety of the military is led not just by the Admiral-Director, but an entire staff of top-level military commanders and advisors that make up the highest echelon of the chain of command: Zulu Command.


Zulu Command

Main article: Zulu Command

The command branch of the military, typically referred to as Zulu Command, is responsible for making all of the large scale strategic decisions that govern every action the UASF's military takes. Zulu Command is staffed with tacticians, advisors, and senior commanders from each of the four military branches, as well as representatives from the two pseudo-branches (Ekho and Zulusskiy Forces).

Zulu Command
Organization | Jun 8, 2023

Alfa Elite Forces

Main article: Alfa Elite Forces

Alfa Elite Forces
Organization | Jul 2, 2023

A branch of the Arshanov Federation's military. Alfa began as the Arshan Federal Marine Corps and evolved into the force of elite units and specialists the branch's white-trim-wearing personnel are known for now.

One of the Arshanov Federation's several military branches, Alfa operates as a branch of highly specialized, highly trained, and highly experienced personnel. Alfa fields a variety of equipment and personnel, borrowing and adapting doctrines and formations from every other branch, and being capable of operating infantry squads, star fleets, aero-star wings, etcetera. Alfa personnel wear uniforms with white trim.


Delta Naval Forces

Main article: Delta Naval Forces

Descending from the original Federal Arshan Navy, Delta fields a large array of combat and military logistical fleets for the entirety of the Federation's military. Anyone wearing an orange-accented Delta uniform is guaranteed to be a ship's or station's crewman, working a variety of fields from command to medical, engineering, security, and whatever other tasks may be required by a ship underway.

Delta Naval Forces
Organization | Jun 3, 2023

Serving as the Arshanov Federation's primary navy, Delta houses the majority of the military's combat fleets.


Fokstrot Ground Forces

Main article: Fokstrot Ground Forces

Serving as the frontline troops of the UASF, Fokstrot operates a wide range of infantry, mechanized, and armored assets, and even some aircraft and light spacecraft for short-distance transport operations. As the primary army of the UASF's military, Fokstrot holds the most personnel out of the four main military branches.


Tango Aerostar Forces

Main article: Tango Aerostar Forces

Operating in tandem with Fokstrot and Delta, Tango fields combat strike and interceptor fighters in both atmospheric and space combat zones. While the UASF does also employ logistical and support craft, these are generally fielded by Delta in space and Fokstrot in atmospheric conditions, leaving Tango to focus on defensive and offensive operations. Anytime a Delta fleet requires a net of strike craft for defense or Fokstrot requests and air-strike, Tango's pilots are the ones who respond.

Tango Aerostar Forces
Organization | Jun 3, 2023

The 'air force' of the United Arshan Federation's military.

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