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Elite Forces Branch

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown.


A branch of the Arshanov Federation's military. Alfa began as the Arshan Federal Marine Corps and evolved into the force of elite units and specialists the branch's white-trim-wearing personnel are known for now.

When Alfa shows up, the rest of us look like green recruits. It's almost scary. They're like a well-oiled machine. No, more than that. We're the well oiled machine. They're a machine that doesn't even need oil.

— Anonymous Sergeant, Fokstrot Ground Forces.

One of the Arshanov Federation's several military branches, Alfa operates as a branch of highly specialized, highly trained, and highly experienced personnel. Alpha fields a variety of equipment and personnel, borrowing and adapting doctrines and formations from every other branch, and being capable of operating infantry squads, star fleets, aero-star wings, etcetera. Alfa personnel wear uniforms with white trim.

Alfa evolved from the AFMC, or Arshan Federal Marine Corps - A military branch formed with the creation of the Federation's military based on the old doctrines of the United States Marine Corps.


Public Agenda

The primary objective and purpose of Alfa is defined by the Federation's Directorate, in collaboration with the Force Commander. The current mission statement has remained unchanged for several decades.

To field exceptional training, specialization, and experience in the battlefield.
To serve the Federation to the highest standard possible.
To excel where all else fails, at any cost.
— Alfa Elite Forces Mission Statement


Like all other branches of the Federation's military, Alfa's structure consists of an upper command group of tier 6 personnel in charge of the entire branch, then a lower command group of tier 5 personnel consisting of the leadership of each district within the branch.

From there, the chain of command can appear more difficult to describe as each individual district may have its own system of tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 personnel. For example, Fleet districts operate under the same Fleet > Ship > Deck > Shift system as Delta, while infantry divisions operate under Division > Battalion > Platoon > Squad, similar to Fokstrot.

Chain of Command

Tier 6 Admiral
  • Branch Command Group
Tier 5 Colonel
  • Division Command Groups
  • Fleet Command Groups
  • Region Command Groups

The chain of command divides into different systems from here, depending on the type of district and the needs of the district's command group.



Generally referred to as 'Alfa Command', the leadership of Alfa consists of Vice Admiral Sarah Wolfe, her cabinet of advisors and staff, and the upper-level command of Alfa's districts. As a group, these command staffs decide on deployments of divisional units and fleets, as well as objectives of Alfa assets operating independently of, or in tandem with, other forces.

As a branch of the Military Sector, Alfa falls under the purview of the Director of the Military: Tanya Puskova.



Like other branches, Alfa's forces are divided up into various districts under the oversight of select high-ranking personnel. Unlike Fokstrot and Tango Forces, however, these districts don't just represent regions of space and combat zones - They also represent doctrines and general roles of individual units. As such, Alfa's districts are divided into three main categories that combine the definitions used by other military branches: 'Divisions', 'Fleets', and 'Regions'. Alfa districts are generally under the command of tier 5 personnel.



Alfa units categorized under the division group do not have a specific region or fleet they operate under but may be assigned to such a group as needed by branch command. These units are trained to handle specific tasks, have extensive experience working together, and are deployed where needed to perform those tasks throughout various military deployment zones. Units from these districts are typically placed under the command of the fleet or regional commander(s) of their deployment zone, whom are typically personnel of Fokstrot or Delta.

The currently active divisions are:

ARS-ATK "WYRM" AeroStar Attack/Bomber

Main article: Wyrm Division

ARS-CBT "WYVERN" AeroStar Combat/Strike

Main article: Wyvern Division


Main article: Whitesword Division

ARS-LGS "BLACKJACK" AeroStar Combat Logistics

Main article: Blackjack Combat Logistics Division

INF-CBT "DRAGON" Infantry Combat

Main article: Dragon Division

INF-DEF "WHITESHIELD" Infantry Defense

Main article: Whiteshield Division



Similar to other specialized forces such as Zulusskiy and Ekho, Alfa fields its own fleets of spacecraft. While Alfa fields far fewer ships than Delta, these ships are crewed by highly experienced and trained personnel and specially outfitted to perform their given roles. Most Alfa fleets fall under the 'Mobile Battle Group' designation, meaning they are intended to relocate constantly as needed across various operational areas.

The currently active Alfa fleets are:

FLT-ADM "TIBERIUS" Admiral Escort Fleet

Main article: Tiberius Fleet

FLT-MBG "ESTHER IV" Mobile Battle Group

Main article: Esther IV Fleet



While regional districts are a common sight in Fokstrot and Delta, regions are rare to non-existent within Alfa. If an operational region is declared specifically for Alfa, this indicates an objective deemed incredibly difficult, dangerous, or both. Such defined regions only remain under Alfa's direct control until whatever assigned objective(s) are completed, and the area can be handed off to the other branches. The most recent instance of an Alfa regional district was the Tri-Border Region during the Zavos Incident - Specifically, the area around the Zavos System was transferred from Ekho to Alfa control for containment and damage control.

There are no regional districts currently active for Alfa.

To excel where all else fails, at any cost.

Alfa Elite Forces Patch by Sierra Brown
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Cover image: Sairis Helosi Portrait, Galaxies End Logo, & Arshan Emblem by NovaCandy & Sierra Brown


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
12 Dec, 2018 03:53

Love the layout here and the formatting and a good well written article as well. How do they work with other groups if they ever do? Do they play well with others?

12 Dec, 2018 04:33

If by other groups you mean other branches of the Arshan military, the structure of the primary branches of the military creates a heavy co-dependence on each-other. Foxtrot (The army) and Tango (The 'space/air' force) relies on Delta to provide long range transport and, in the case of Tango, to provide carriers for deploying star fighters and strike craft. Delta in turn relies on Foxtrot to provide the manpower for boarding and landing parties, and on Tango for fighters, attack craft, short-range transports, and interceptors. The other squadrons (Zulu, Alpha, and Echo) on the other hand are more independent, and field their own fleets - And there has been some occasional difficulty with Alpha and Echo. Mainly these issues come up as 'We can handle this, why did they send you?' or, in the case of Echo, 'What are you even doing here? You're not a combat branch. What do you mean we now have orders to support you without you telling us what you're doing here?'

Sage Dylonishere123
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12 Dec, 2018 04:42

LOL that all makes sense, love that end quote as well. That's alotttt of dependence. while codependency is obviously a thing in most situations, that is alot of people who can mess something up, lots of ducks to have in a row if you get my meaning. The logistics guy must be the scariest guy there for the kind of crap they have to deal with, plus operations. I'm assuming of course they are all part of a centralized military so meh haha just crazy to try and get in the shoes of someone who has make sure alllll of that has to happen.

16 Dec, 2018 07:06

It's a lot of spinning cogs so to speak, yeah, but it's a system that's been in place and fine tuned over the years of recent Arshan history/

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
16 Dec, 2018 13:20

Indeed. Can't dent what works!

12 Dec, 2018 05:47

The layout is gorgeous, and the Alpha Squadron sounds fascinating, and so very promising, like every Elite Unit in works of fiction ever, and you're off to a great start!   Part of me was hoping to see some records of "declassified" events, or "urban legends" of what they've done, to demonstrate how the Alpha Squadron is the perfect machine instead of merely one well oiled.   I am also curious about this group of people around Vice Admiral Sarah Wolfe, you say they are charged with the logistics and such, but who specifically does what (a part of me is going 'well, maybe that part's still under construction!' but I still wonder)? For example, who sorts out the reports and sends them to their necessary ... person, for lack of a better word in my vocabulary right now. It reads like V-A Wolfe is the highest ranking person who can override, but who are these people advising them?

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
16 Dec, 2018 07:10

I've got some examples of existing elite units within Alpha Squadron in the Dragon Combat Infantry Unit article. I could put one of those in this article, but I'm trying to avoid padding broader topics out with details that are in more specific child articles. Nobody wants to see another United Arshan Federation length article I'm sure XD   The details on what makes up a Squadron command team is still kind of a WIP. Wolfe is the highest rank in terms of Alpha Squadron, but she takes orders from Admiral-Director Tanya Puskov based on what the Arshan Directorate needs from the military. Puskov is basically the 'Commander in Chief' of the Arshan military.

16 Dec, 2018 23:11

That makes sense, I'm a fan (and yet not a fan) of information overload, so it makes sense that you don't want too much.   Maybe you could list some of the elite units as like:   Units: Unit A Unit B etc. And those would be links to the pages?

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
17 Dec, 2018 00:49

Yep - Providing a list and links is the plan once I've got articles setup for them and decide which units specifically are noteworthy for each division.

12 Dec, 2018 10:57

A well-written article about the military in the galaxies end <3   When articles are as well-researched and well-written as this, I would definitely suggest using the comment feedback function to let us know what kind of feedback you are looking for, because you make it difficult to find things to nitpick about. ;D   It would be interesting to know about some context and flavor stuff surrounding them. Do they consider themselves better than everyone else? Do they get matching tattos? Is the training to become one infamously brutal (like the SEAL's hell-week)? Are they well known and celebrated by the civilian population? Is service in such a prestigious force a sure-fire (and tried-and-true) way to political power? :)

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
16 Dec, 2018 07:18

There is a level of egotism among a number of Alpha Squadron personnel. Seth 'Scorpion' Black, a character whom I haven't written a public article yet for, comes to mind - He's referenced in the opening quote to Sairis Helosi's article (She's also in Alpha Squadron) to give you a small idea.   There isn't really a 'training' to become a member of Alpha - You get selected and offered transfer if you're really good at your job in another squadron. I.e., a Foxtrot squad that goes above and beyond, or an engineer from Delta that is clearly leagues ahead of her colleagues.   Alpha Squadron does also have a level of prestige to it - People wearing uniforms with the white trim tend to get noticed among all the other uniforms, for example. It's not really a quick-route to politics, though - You're more likely to be nominated for Director of Internal Affairs if you work in that department, which technically isn't part of the military. Similarly for the Foreign Affairs directorship, and promotion to Admiral-Director of the Military requires you to be a current Squadron commander for any of the squadrons - Not just Alpha. The current Admiral-Director, Tanya Puskov. came from Delta Squadron, for example.

Elias Redclaw
20 Dec, 2018 03:09

Fantastic article! I absolutely love your layout and formatting and you went into great detail to describe the arshans alpha squadrons. One question I had though was that do the different military branches ever work with each other and if so how? Anyways solid article

27 Dec, 2018 19:37

By design, the main branches - Foxtrot (Army), Delta (Navy), and Tango (AeroSpace Superiority) work together all the time - The army and aerospace wings need long range transport provided by Delta, Delta needs boarding parties and strike wings provided by Foxtrot and Tango, etc.   Alpha (Elite Forces) and Echo (Espionage/Covert Ops) are, by contrast, designed to be more self-sufficient. They do still work together with other branches as required by their missions but, generally, they ca field their own transports, their own fleets, their own infantry teams and squads, their own aerospace wings, etc.