Arshan Traditional Ranks

Written by Sierra Brown.


The Arshanov Federation military's ranking system as it existed prior to the Command Tier System. These ranks were in use up until recent years throughout the Federation.

While no longer in use, prior to the Command Tier System, the Arshan military’s ranking structure utilized a more traditional system build off the old Earth ranking structures of the United States. These ranks included separations of enlisted, non-commission officers, warrant officers, and commissioned officers, with an additional separation of command admirals included to represent the Directorate and military branch leadership.

The traditional ranks can be generally divided into four main groups, which in turn divide themselves into two to three subgroups: Enlisted, Warrant Officers, Commissioned Officers, and the Admiralty.


Enlisted Ranks

The main Enlisted group covers all military personnel whom 'enlisted' into the military without attending the academy or earning any command or leadership degrees. These personnel instead receive their training through boot camp and then field experience, with some cases of apprenticeship-like training under the care of an NCO or Warrant Officer.



Enlisted personnel were the bread and butter of the Arshan military and the bottom of the chain of command. These personnel were the soldiers and crewman that performed the day to day duties and executed the objectives provided by officers higher up the chain. Every enlisted generally reported to a non-commission officer, though some worked directly with warrant or commissioned officers in certain cases. These ranks can be equated to the Private seniority or, for upper level enlisted, the Corporal (1) seniority.

Paygrade Abbv Name
E-1 PVR Private Recruit
E-2 PVT Private
E-3 JCP Junior Corporal
E-4 CPL Corporal
E-5 CFC Corporal First Class

Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned officers were the first set group of ranks to hold proper authority. NCOs were the squad leaders, team leaders, and any other military personnel that showed dedication and leadership skills during their enlistment. These ranks are generally equivalent to the Sergeant (2) command tiers.

Paygrade Abbv Name
E-6 SSG Staff Sergeant
E-7 TSG Technical Sergeant
E-8 MSG Master Sergeant
E-9 SMJ Sergeant Major

Warrant Officers

Warrant Officers were highly specialized military personnel. These officers typically held degrees or extensive experience in their field, and were generally utilized as subject matter experts. The grade of warrant officer generally indicated their level of expertise and experience. Warrant Officers were phased out entirely with the Command Tier system rollout, replaced by the 'First Class' (4) seniority level. However, discussions are currently in place to instate a 'Warrant' seniority to separate First Class personnel betwen specialized, trained experts and highly meritorious personnel.

Paygrade Abbv Name
W-1 WO1 Warrant Officer Grade 1
W-2 WO2 Warrant Officer Grade 2
W-3 WO3 Warrant Officer Grade 3

Commissioned Officers

Commissioned Officers, also generally just referred to as Officers, were higher-ranking personnel that have graduated from the academy and earned their degrees in a related field. These officers were where strategic decisions and objectives were determined, and distributed down to their NCOs to execute.


Junior Commissioned Officers

Junior officers were fresh from the academy, with little to no experience to back up their training and education. These officers were assigned as assistants to more senior officers, allowing them to grow into their future leadership roles. Junior officers can be equated to the Private or Lieutenant (3) command tiers, depending on their assignments. Some junior officer roles are also equated to the rank of Admiral Assistant.

Paygrade Abbv Name
O-1 ENS Ensign
O-2 2LT Second Lieutenant
O-3 1LT First Lieutenant

Commissioned Officers

The middle of the pack of officers were simply referred to as 'commissioned officers'. These were your trained and experienced officers, ready for their own commands and usually placed in charge of platoons, ship departments, and other mid-level leadership positions under the care of a senior CO. Some officers were even granted command of entire support vessels within a fleet. Mid-tier officers are equivalent to the Captain (4) command tier, with some duties being similar to that of a Junior Admiral.

Paygrade Abbv Name
O-4 MAJ Major
O-5 LTC Lieutenant Colonel
O-6 COL Colonel

Senior Commissioned Officers

The senior-most commissioned officer position, outside of the specialized Admiralty ranks, housed the most experienced of all Arshan military officers. These personnel were entrusted with command of fleets, regional theatres, divisions, and other top-level command assets. These ranks are roughly equivalent to the Major (5) command tier and the current-day Admiral rank.

Paygrade Abbv Name
O-7 CPT Captain
O-8 LTC Lieutenant Colonel
O-9 COL Colonel


Listed separately from other groups, the Admiralty ranks were especially assigned only to the Director of the Military and the various branch commanders. These two ranks are equivalent to the Admiral Commander and Admiral Director ranks, respectively.

Paygrade Abbv Name
C-1 VAD Vice Admiral
C-2 ADM Admiral
Civic, Military, Generic
Phased out and replaced by the Command Tier System
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