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Crate Carrier

The Crate Carrier as the name suggests carries crates and can be found in many Zones and Segments but can be found in Zone 2 to Zone 5.



The Profession in training is taught on how to carry crates safely using the health and safety procedures. As this profession is regarded as a Extra Employment and therefore is assigned at the Employment Selection Day ceremony no reasonable course can be done in preparation of the profession.

Career Progression

As this profession is not levelled there is no way to progress in the traditional sense. What could be called progression is that the Crate Carrier could be moved to differing buildings depending on where they are needed.   However, since this profession is unionised there is a way that a citizen with this profession can advance with the experience they have. The union is also known as The Stevedores, by being the most senior when a replacement is needed within the union that crate carrier can advance as the staff in the organisation.

Other Benefits

One of the main benefits of this profession is that it is an active profession as it involves carrying and moving crates. Another benefit is that the profession allows someone to see a greater part of Birdencaster, depending where they were allocated.


Social Status

Crate carriers are generally a well-liked, profession it is one of those professions that are “honour bound” to help if they need to know where a building is. Crate Carriers give a sense of economic health as did construction sites in The Old World



The tools they use depend on what they are carrying and how many crates they are transporting. These tools are;
  • Gloves
  • Steel capped boots
  • Hand Truck - For one or two crates. These have a weight limit of 120kg (264.55lbs). For movement up and downstairs which some segments have, the hand truck has three wheels on either side in triangular form.
  • Flat Base Trolley - This unlike the Hand truck can carry six crates. This type of trolley has no sides but can be pushed or pulled at either end.


The place they can be found in the sense of buildings as they can be seen on the streets of Birdencaster.   These buildings are;
  • Warehouses - As part of working in the Warehouses, they will carry crates from shelves to the front desks for the withdrawals and in reverse for deposits. They know where the item should be using a Warehouse Ledger
  • Train Stations - When a Hybrid Train pulling a freight comes into a station in Birdencaster a hive of activity occurs with the crate carriers, taking wares to warehouses.
  • Around Birdencaster - Deliveries are a thing in Birdencaster for businesses or to residensidental abodes of the physically impared these can be regarded as Subscription
At Train Stations the crate carriers have priority over bridges allowing them to transport the goods more easily.
Crate Carriers have priority
— A sign near a passenger bridge at a trainstation

Provided Services

The crate carrier carries crates as part of their job, this could be from one part of a building to another as with the Warehouses, carry crates from a storeroom to a factory floor as with the Drinks Factory or delivering goods.

Dangers & Hazards

The main dangers of the profession are dropping crates and straining yourself, though carrying something too heavy.


Type Of Job Civil
Type Of Employment
Extra Employment
Reports to
Colleagues of the Place of Employment and to follow placements by The Stevedores
Changes With Level.
Contract Type
Working Hours
Part Time.
Various Zones and Segments but can be mostly found in Zone 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5

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