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Warehouse Ledger


The purpose of the Warehouse ledger is to tell what is in the warehouse. There are more than one warehouse ledgers, in warehouses that are found on either side of the counter in the Warehouse, one for the out and another for the in. The Ledger does not have all items possible as this would make the ledger longer and heavier. The ledger has a hexadecimal number on the inside end cover detailing which ledger is required, for example, “AEC56”.

Document Contents And Structure

Page 1 is just the title page while the rest of the pages use two page spread to show a table that spans the two A4 pages.

Title Page

On the title page is an ASCII art picture of a castle. A castle because of the security of the warehouse protecting its items. It uses symbol-based characters to make the image as it is easier for the ledger to produce the title page rather than making one plate for the image of a castle.

Column Heading Explaination

An explanation of columns is below.
  • Item - What the item is.
  • Weight / Volume / Amount - What the weight, Volume or amount are in each pack.
  • In stock - how much of that item is in stock in numbers using its own system.

    For example if a cell has “ 98 (1/80)”; the 98 is how much would be in one full crate, the 1 is how many full crates there are and the 80 is that there is an extra crate which is not full but contains 80 of that item.

    Occansionally there is a cell that has “NA” which means that while the item exists it won’t be found in a crate because it’s too big to fit in one.

  • Category - What Category it is in. This makes the finding of the item easier if you know which category is in.
  • Warehouse In - The price for each item of that item that will be sold into the Warehouse. So, for example, a wooden mallet is marked downs as “910” which means when someone from the carpenters sells a wooden mallet they will get 910 NS if it is at the right standard since all products are appraised before being accepted.
  • Warehouse Out - This is the price that the warehouse will sell the item for, going with the wooden mallet would be sold for 1010 NS.
  • Floor - What floor the item will be found on. Zero means the ground floor while one is the floor above that.
  • Aisle - The aisle the item will be found in.
  • Shelf Number - What individual sheving unit the item is in.
  • Shelf Height - Which shelf the item will be on. The higher the number the higher the shelf
A typical warehouse ledger from a large warehouse can be found above the sidebar of this article, using the 'Read the Document' Button.


The Warehouse ledger has a limit for business legitimacy meaning when the book expires it should be considered a logbook, not the current Ledger. Each Ledger is valid for 5 years. At which point in the last 6 months of the current Ledger going invalid new ones are ordered.

Publication Status

The Ledger is available at all Warehouses, regardless of size, but only those who work there can view its contents.
  • Storeroom Clerks - Is used by them as a guide to appraise items.
  • Carriers - allows them to know where the item or items are in the warehouse.
  • Storeroom ledger clerks - are used by them to know what should be there and match them up to the orders of the day to have an up to date Ledger of stock.
After The working day at the warehouse, the ledgers are locked away for security purposes.

Legal status

The Ledger is only regarded as the most current one if the expiry date on the title page is in the future. When it is not it is regarded as a logbook.

Historical Details


The Ledger was first used when the warehouses were retrofitted to allow for a variety of other items to be stored.


The lasting repercussions of the Ledger are that of storage. As when it becomes a logbook at the end of the 5 years.
Inventory Ledger
Clothbound Paper Paged Book
  • A4 (21cm wide by 29.7cm long or 8.27in wide by 11.69in long)
  • 10 cm (3.94in) thick
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