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The Stevedores

The Stevedores is an organisation which deals with the employment of the Crate Carriers, ensuring they have places of employment in the variety of places they are needed on a temporary or more permanent basis, in the places where the profession of Crate Carriers can be found. The Organisation can be found in City Hall in 2 12.


The structure of the organisation is set up like a recruitment union as such when a Crate Carrier is not needed in their place of employment they will be moved somewhere they are needed. This is always in the Zone in which they are but can be the Segment plus or minus 1 to where they live. For example, a Crate Carrier who lives in 5 12 could also be set to work in 5 11 and 5 1.   The staff in the organisation are the ones who arrange who is working where and it is the employers who decided if they are needed, need more or less Crate Carriers.


The name of The Stevedores comes from a historic profession originating from 1788 Steveadore[1]. The profession is a manual labourer who loads and unloads cargo on ships and are essential workers in harbour and dockland settings [2]. This profession has been needed since the time of colonial navigation.   Since Birdencaster is in land in Wiltshire. This profession has shifted to an organisation rather than the profession. The profession is now called a Crate Carrier who can be seen in settings of shipping as well as in land with Birdencaster.


Once someone is assigned the Extra Employment position of Crate Carrier are automatically joined but not formally to The Stevedores. Once the assignee has reported to The Stevedores they have formally joined the union.   Once they have joined, they are assigned to a place of employment as a Crate Carrier. Joining the union is part of the job, while you may not need to deal with the union that often as they would assign the Crate Carrier to a place of employment, the Crate Carrier would be in that place of employment for at least six months and then transferred to somewhere else, this may not be the case as for circumstances such as factory work in which if the person works well in the environment, their six months will be extended.   The union itself requires its members to be cooperative. This cooperation is not one way, so the member can inform the union that the place that they are going to will find them difficult.


The Stevedores is funded through its members paying a percentage of their wages. While this percentage of their pay is fixed the funds are not by the simple fact that their income can increase as well as decrease.   Unlike in The Old World, in which a standing order can be set up to pay a company or in this case a union, this is not the case in The New World as the financial system is more analogue. As such, in the view of the Bank to make it not their fault, it is the responsibility of the account owner to pay these financial responsibilities, which includes rent and bills.   This financial set-up allows the Crate Carrier to see The Stevedores, on a regular basis for the purposes of catching up and for checking how the role is going with the placement the Crate Carrier is in.

Public Agenda

The agenda of the organisation is to ensure that Crate Carriers have a place of employment that can move around with the demand of the job.



The organisation owns a large map of Birdencaster on a corkboard of which pins mark positions on the map. These positions mark the positions of warehouses, rail stations and other places that will need Crate Carriers, if there are none there currently. This map helps to know which A4 Pages for the Employment Selection Day ceremony need to be sent to which schools.   These A4 Pages inform the assignee where they need to go to start their Extra Employment position. For example a Warehouse in 3 12 that requires a Crate Carrier will send a A4 Page to City Hall for the cloth bag for Employment Selection Day ceremony in the same Zone and Segment.

Index Cards

Index card records are kept of places that need the Crate Carriers and were how long they stayed in that place of employment. Information of the assignee is kept but is information fragments that do not identify a person, such as their age, sex and Zone and Segment combination of residence.   This information can help tell if a future assignee will be a good fit with the place that needs a Crate Carriers.

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Master Dazzlinkat
K.S. Bishoff
15 Dec, 2021 16:48

for the culture part ... perhaps explain how the stevedores behave in gatherings like is there a breakroom just for them where they maybe play Sixes during lunch ... are their retirement parties where they give gifts and have cake or pie ... do they have special holiday parties just for Stevedores before big holidays like your world's version of Christmas etc where they exchange gifts or have a potluck style feast/lunch

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James Woodwright
15 Dec, 2021 17:19

Thank you, Dazzlikat, i will stick this in the to fix pile in FS Articles for World Anvil WIP for WE Articles in April ToT, as i can't think of anything at the moment (2021-12-15).


" . . . like is there a breakroom just for them where they may be play Sixes . . . ". Thank you for being a fan for so long!