Sir Waldek is a human man and knight in service of Baron Wislaw Jansobski of Nightstone. Born in Nightstone in 1464 DR, he trained for his entire adolescent life to become a squire, and then a knight in service of House Jansobski. In 1489 DR, he became the personal retainer for Wislaw Jansobski.

Three years later, in 1492 DR, Waldek accompanied Wislaw and his party on a quest to uncover and defeat the source of the giant menace. However, on 16 Tarsakh, he was presumed dead after the Eye of the All-Father collapsed around him and the frost giant Harshnag, who was engaging the ancient blue dragon Iymrith.

By the time Wislaw returned from his expedition to defeat Iymrith, Waldek had already made his way back to Nightstone and was awaiting his liege's return. He continues in his role as a knight for Wislaw Jansobski, primarily acting as a bodyguard and retainer.
Lawful Good
Year of Birth
1464 DR 31 Years old
Current Residence
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