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Chondathans are a common human ethnicity found throughout the Western and Eastern Heartlands, the Sword Coast, the Dalelands, the Sea of Fallen Stars, and even parts of the North. They are notable for their hardiness and risk-taking, preferring economic endeavours over military ones. Chondathan society is highly competitive, and one's status in society is typically determined by their wealth, which directly translates to prestige.

Unlike many other ethnic groups, Chondathans prefer to identify with their nationality over their ethnicity. While they display some pride at their predominance of their language and culture across much of Faerûn (especially as it occurred through trade instead of war), national identity and loyalty to country is considered to be more important. Thanks to their culture's emphasis on travel, trade, and risk taking, Chondathan merchants can be found well beyond the typical borders of the ethnicity in nearly every major city in Faerûn.

Due to the emphasis of these traits, - risk taking, competitiveness, wealth accumulation, cunning, and wanderlust - the merchant nobility is a powerful force in many Chondathan-influenced states, like Cormyr and Baldur's Gate. Wealth is directly proportional to one's status, and nearly anything is up for sale at the right price. Competition is fierce in Chondathan culture, but unnecessary bloodshed is seen as destructive and wasteful. Individuality is encouraged, and Chondathans often act in their own self-interest.

Chondathan culture does not particularly encourage study of the Art, nor are there notable sorcerer bloodlines. Instead, a larger number of Chondathans are drawn to divine or primal magic.

While military might is not valued particularly highly in Chondathan society, its importance is still recognised. Many a Chondathan has found fame and fortune working as a mercenary for hire, and Cormyr fields one of the most impressive armies in Faerûn. Crossbows are a favoured weapon of Chondathans (except in the Dalelands, where the longbow is preferred), and the longsword is a staple melee weapon. Medium weight armour, such as studded leather, chain, and half-plate is the favoured armour of the culture.

Cats are every Chondathan's favourite pet and companion, especially in Cormyr. Dogs, on the other hand, are viewed as little more than working animals. Horses are also valued within Chondathan society.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Arveene, Esvele, Chessail, Kerri, Lureene, Miri, Rowan, Shandri, Tessele

Masculine names

Darvin, Dorn, Evendur, Gorstag, Grim, Helm, Malark, Morn, Randal, Stedd

Family names

Amblecrown, Buckman, Dundragon, Evenwood, Greycastle, Tallstag


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