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Brave Star

Brave Star, commonly refered to without his clan name as just Brave, (born 12th of Marpenoth 1468 DR) is a male Tabaxi paladin of Torm. He was born in Port Nyanzaru and moved to Waterdeep at age 22 to be closer to fellow followers of Torm. He works with the Ardent after recieving a vision that would guide him to find a scroll bearing teachings of Torm.

Table of Contents

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Brave is a 6'4" Tabaxi male. He has a fit and atheletic build, focusing on his fitness and agility constantly. He weighs 190lbs with a lean amount of muscle with strength and fitness training. Brave cares for his fur and skin with a daily routine and it is known to shine quite brightly in the sun.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Port Nyanzaru Brave spent the first 22 years of his life living with his clan in the city. He became a paladin of Torm at age 16 when introduced to his teachings by a paladin. He then for the next six years learned to be a paladin teaching and helping the city.
  After receiving a vision from Torm and with confirmation from his church he left to live in Waterdeep. This vision told him of a scroll written about the teachings of Torm, thought lost. He was told to seek the Ardent as his adventures there will either make him find the scroll or gain wealth to fund an expidition to find it.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Brave is a fast person and will always try his best to perfom well atheletically. He trains every day he can to improve this ability. Brave will not however boast this and has often lost races on purpose as not to upset Mystan Rhogar after his first victory caused quite the tantrum.
Brave is quite the cook and always cooks food for the team while they are away from base. He cooks with the help of Damu Ubo, who helps him pick out spices and local foods from where they are staying.

Brave struggles with lowering his walls about his personal life with much of his closer friends, and much of his history is still unknown to even Alpha Team. With some help from Damu Ubo and Alana Pruder, who have been working on opening up both him and Meribel Lahasha.

Likes & Dislikes

Brave loves food and cooking. He also enjoys running and meditating. He goes on meditation trips with Damu Ubo and they discuss in detail their faiths, religion, theology, and cooking. More recently he has been jogging and running with Mystan Rhogar to help him build endurance.

Brave isnt a fan of water, or rushing into things. When he was first starting to get to know Alpha Team they (Rhogar) held a party to introduce each other and he found that it pushed him away from the group even further. Brave isn't fond of large social gatherings and would much rather get to know and discuss with people by himself or in small groups.

Vices & Personality flaws

Brave often disagree's with people who follow faith's outside of the Faerûnian Pantheon and does so purely because they arent following his faith. This has lead to a number of altercations and arguments from Brave and Alpha Team will try to hide some peoples faiths from him to stop this.

Personality Quirks

Brave tries his best to avoid water and will shudder and be very twitchy when touching water. He is much more easily spooked as the feeling of water on his skin puts him on edge. Brave has asked for Alpha Team to adjust their course to purposely avoid water, but he will interract with water and can cope with water if need be.


Brave is known to be spotted in his room at Ardent Keep, grooming his fur and skin during his downtime. His shiny skin can be seen in the sun. He can also be spotted in the courtyard, towers, and fields soaking up the sun on lazy warm days.


Contacts & Relations

Most of Brave's contacts and realtions he has are within his church and clan. His clan lives within the jungles of Chult and Port Nyanzaru. He sends some support to his clan and has worked to support them and keeps in close contact. He also has a number of contacts in the church of Torm.
  Most of Brave's contacts on the Sword Coast are either the members of Alpha Team of which there is a mutual respect and care for each other among the members.

Family Ties

Brave maintains close contact with his family and has good relations with most of them.

Religious Views

Brave is a paladin of Torm and has devoted his life to him. He believes in peace and patience as an oath of redemption paladin. Brave has mentioned his beliefs to contrast and obect much of the brash and reckless decision making of Alpha Team's leader Mystan Rhogar.

Social Aptitude

Brave has difficulty speaking Common and has some rather strange behaviour and customs he has learnt in Chult. Despite his difficulty with common he is still rather charasmatic and persuasive when he needs to be.
  Whilst his Chultan mannerism are very obvious, he is still confident in what he says and only speaks when he truly believes what he is saying. He thinks through every word he is saying and will not be spoken over.


Brave, hence the name, is known for his bravery and detirmination. He, is always willing to put his own life before others and will put himself before others in almost every regard. He wont run away without reason and will help anyone who is willing to fight alongside him. His detirmination and drive to fufill the teachings of Torm are very strong and not much will stop him from completing any task he is given and agrees with.
  Brave is stubborn especially when it comes to faith and morals. He rarely changes his mind and will only do so with relation to the teachings of Torm. He will listen to other paladins and priests and respects their opinions above anyone elses.


Valna Mellerelel

Coworker (Important)

Towards Brave Star



Brave Star

Coworker (Important)

Towards Valna Mellerelel




They became aquaintances as they began to work at the Ardent in 1492 DR. Brave kept to himself and didn't open up to anyone outside of Alpha Team untill recently, and has started to work on being friendly to Valna. Valna has always been awkwardly friendly to all her coworkers and Brave has recently tried to reciprocate. This was also helped by the mutual respect earned by fighting side by side during The Battle of Menzoberranzan

Sariel Liadon

Boss (Important)

Towards Brave Star



Brave Star

Coworker (Important)

Towards Sariel Liadon




They were introduced to one another as Brave began working at the Ardent in 1492 DR. Brave has respect for her, however is weary of her belief in the Seldarine. He still understands her importance in the organisation and her reliability. Sariel recognises his effort in working out and has taken to watching him run, train, and sun bathe on occasion. She appreciaties his ability to be relaxed around her and reliable.

Wealth & Financial state

Brave's wealth is rather minimal. He keeps money only to cover things he needs on a weekly basis. He donates the rest of the money he earns to the chuch of Torm and his expedition.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
12th of Marpenoth
Year of Birth
1468 DR 27 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
190 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal


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