Battle of Menzoberranzan

The Battle of Menzoberranzan was a battle that took place in the city of Menzoberranzan in early 1494 DR, wherin Ardent forces, along with city guards and loyal Drow houses fought the forces of House Helvirae and Fierna.

The Conflict


The year leading up to the battle was a period of small skirmishes and espionage for both sides. The forces of the Ardent, including Alpha Team and Beta Team began much of the early investigation and attacks to stop the plans of House Helvirae, or at the very least delay them whilst the Ardent could organise an offical response. This period of early action from the organisation was spearheaded by Nathxena Fey, who had begun the investigation after she had noticed that members of her own family had started to stray from their traditional worship of Lolth.

House Helvirae, began deals with Fierna to gain power in the early half of 1492 DR. This was followed by the collection of fey artifacts to power a semi-permanent gate spell. This gate would permit Fierna to send her forces directly into Menzoberranzan. Beta Team tracked them through the Feywild and Shadowfell to try to stop them from collecting the necessary parts. Alpha Team was working to deal damage to their supply lines, however all of these efforts became overwhelmed after Fierna took direct action by helping the heads of the house cast the spell with her own magic.

With the forces of the Ardent battered and bruised, they finally convinced the houses of Menzoberranzan still loyal to Lolth to help in a final assult, which would become the Battle of Menzoerranzan.


The troops of the Ardent made a long march from Ardent Keep, to meet up with the scouts and spies who were already present. The scouts had prepared fortified locations alongside the loyalist forces.

House Helvirae troops made their way into the streets of the city causing chaos and began targeting points of interest. Their mages began creating smaller gates linked to the main gate, allowing for Fierna's devils to make their way into the city.


The streets of Menzoberranzan were home to most of the combat. Many of these streets became blockaded with scrap, furniature, and other materials, to create a deadly no man's land. These areas were marked by the scorches and burn marks of fireballs and other spells. The fight became deadlocked, with the north side being controlled by loyalist forces, and the south being controlled by House Helvirae and the devils.

The main base of operations for House Helvirae had been located in the south months before by Ardent scouts and spies. This central structure was supported by three other smaller outposts which where providing permanent locations of devil gates.


Conditions were fierce with the sheer amounts of magic from both sides. The ruthlessness and carelessness of drow mages from both sides created severe casualties both civilian and military. The forces of House Helvirae were intially fearless and brutal out of necessity from being outnumbered without the help of their devil allies. Reports came through of House Helvirae troops running into encampments or as close as they could to cast spells to summon devils and portals, causing chaos amongst the loyalist front lines. These ambush tactics disrupted supply lines and created numerous casualties for the loyalists very early on.

The Engagement

With the arrival of Alpha Team, Beta Team, and the heads of the Ardent, the direction of loyalist forces changed. Their plan was to create three strike teams to make their way through the city and attack the three smaller outposts which contained gates for devil troops.

"There are going to be three strike teams. Alpha Team, you'll head west and follow the road past Lolth's Web. Beta Team, you'll head east through Duthcoim and Eastmyr. I wil lead a force with the loyalists and spies through the centre of the city and hit them where it really hurts."

Beta Team were the first to reach their assigned outpost to the east at Donigarten. They made quick work of the defences there and shut down the operations. They then headed to their safehouse outside Qu'ellaz'orl, and set off their signal flare.

Alpha Team made their way west past Lolth's Web and attacked the outpost to the south. They faced serious resistance and eventually made their way to an outpost just outside the Kyorbblivvin. As they arrived, they saw the flare from Beta Team, entered and set off their own.

The strike team which contained elite loyalist forces and Ardent scouts was lead by Aial Vock Tal. They made their way through the centre of the city, past the Bazaar, and through the bulk of the enemy forces. They faced the heaviest resistance as they attacked their outpost and were the last to reach their outpost to send of their flare.

All three teams eventually made their way to the main base, a tower in Qu'ellarz'orl, where the enemy forces were waiting for them. Aial Vock Tal's team and Alpha Team created a distraction for Beta Team to make their way into the tower. Beta Team defeated the forces and traps to reach the top where Alpha Team joined them in a fierce battle to capture Talraena Helvirae. Once Talraena was in custody, the portal was quickly disabled and most of the Helvirae surrendered.


Directly after the battle, The forces of Fierna retreated back through their portals and the portals were closed. The heads of House Helvirae and all of their allies were punished for their disloyal behaviour. Much of their wealth and power were stripped back and many members of the house are still incarcerated. Much of the city was damaged from explosions, spells, and fighting. This caused a costly rebuilding for many of the inhabitants of the city and building owners.


A serious effort from the priestesses of Lolth has been underway to root out any insurrection and betrayal against the worship of Lolth in the city. Watches and patrols of guards have increased and their presence on the streets has also increased with numbers.

Historical Significance


The precise and actioned leadership of the Ardent, including the likes of Aial Vock Tal, Nathxena Fey, and Sariel Liadon, proved the effectiveness of their organisation. This brought the name of the Ardent front and centre to the mouths of many people across the Sword Coast. It marks a turning point in the actions of the organisation and was the beginnng of intervention and hiring from major powers.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
8th of Ches 1494 DR
Ending Date
10th of Ches 1494 DR
Conflict Result
The destruction of the devil forces of House Helvirae and their allies, thus stopping the plans of Fierna.


  • Menzoberranzan


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