Paladins are holy warriors sworn to oaths to fight for their values and beliefs. They are typically granted divine magic by deities or beings of comparable power, but are also highly adept at martial combat. In the past, it was often believed that paladins could only be the most righteous of individuals, but paladins of any alignment are possible. Paladins operate in different ways, depending on their oath, personal code, and beliefs. Some paladins, especially for lawful deities, form organisations like the Order of the Companion in Elturgard. Others work directly for a deity's church, and still others follow their own path through the realms.

Most paladins arm themselves with a one-handed melee weapon and a shield, and wear heavy armour to protect themselves. While not as adept as clerics with magic, paladins are still very capable with their divine spells. Paladins can focus their magic into their strikes, causing significantly more damage than usual - especially against fiends and undead. They can bolster their allies with a magical aura, making them physically and mentally more resilient. Another common paladin ability is the ability to heal by simply touching an injured or afflicted individual.
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