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SulaRuta, also known as sula are a staple protein of Jhoutaioan dining. They are sedentary herbivores. Incubators may still trigger aggression and territorial behavior, and are not allowed within city limits.

Sula are best purchased fresh from a butcher for same-day consumption. Homesteaders keep a pens of 20-30 in rotation for year-round eating. Their meat is highly savory, buttery, and slightly bitter. It is most frequently compared to shellfish and beef.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution

The family weaves itself into a circle around the table.

Their hands venerate their kinship as they hold fast to a hand to their left and another to their right. If there are only two, they hold each other's hands, bridging over the food. If there is one, they place their hands together, fingers interwoven, and feel themselves connected to their body.

Their eyes venerate their food, eyes fixed upon the craft and care that went into the creation.

Their mouths venerate the chef, thanking them for the meal. If the chef is not present, their name is said regardless. If their name is not known, the Wheel is thanked.

The hands disengage, and grab onto fork and knife.

One by one, they cut into the juicy fats of the SulaRuta. Its body is broken along wedges. The chitinous outer endoskeleton which once protected it is now a convenient lever by which to segment and serve it. Later, this shell will adorn the plate, scraped clean.

The rugged drink spirits with theirs. The sophisticates drink wines. The rest recommend something fizzy.

— Historic Jhoutaioan diary


All Rutas transition through several stages of transformation within their lifespan. As with other Rutas, the Sula's most drastic changes are between nymph, drone, and incubator.

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SulaRutas Nymph

SulaRutas Nymph by Oscar Knight


SulaRutas Drone by Oscar Knight


SulaRutas Incubator by Oscar Knight


One sula, 8-16 heft
1 coin per heft
1 fist per 2 heft
1 fist per 2 heft
Tygria Root
1 sprig per 2 heft
Bampha Powder
2 dashes per heft
Amphert Skimmings
1 ladle per 4 heft
  1. Scrub the SulaRuta under hot water
  2. Behead the SulaRuta. Cut as close to the neck as possible with your sula knife
  3. Remove the pheromone glands from the tail of the SulaRuta
  4. Remove the SulaRuta's entrails through the dorsal cut
  5. Curl the SulaRuta up into a ball and place them in your steampot, on the rack
  6. Fill the steampot up with water until the water is just beneath the rack
  7. Place the steaming backet in the rack
  8. Soften butter and knead your spices into the butter
  9. Place your butter in the steampot percolator
  10. Close the steam pot
  11. Turn your steampot on medium and leave it to cook for 30 minutes a pound
  12. Cut up any vegetables, spuds, etc, and place them into your steaming basket
  13. Once 30 minutes remains on your steaming, vent your steampot and open it
  14. Add your steaming basket to the pot, replenish the bottom with a cup of water.
  15. Steam for an additional 30 minutes
  16. Drain your steampot
  17. Flip the SulaRuta onto a serving tray
  18. Garnish
  19. Serve family-style

Leftovers and larva may be used for a stir fry!


SulaRuta Larva Stir Fry by Oscar Knight

Cover image: by Oscar Knight


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