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Valipsyrid Ramscorpion

Prompt 4: An animal associated or symbolising power

These nimble hunters take advantage of their extreme dexterity and balance to scale sheer surfaces and swing around between vegetation. They reign as the apex mid-sized scavenger of the surface. They have a hard carapace and strong muscle, and are likely to overwhelm their prey with a suprise ambush and extreme violence.

Thick Armor, Hard Horns
In close range, the Valipsyrid rely on a good, strong headbut to shatter exoskeletons and throw assailants off cliffs.
Prehensile Graspers

While not as nimble as the hands of Sazashi, Verin, or Humans, a ramscorpion is still fully capable of opening most containers and gripping their quills. Watch your head: they throw rocks from above.

Poison Quills
Unfortunately, Smart

The Ramscorpion may hunt smaller prey, but its primary source of nutrients is through scavenging. They are well adapted to finding where other predators stored their kill, or where prey stores its egss. This skill applies to them getting into houses, too.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution
Although it is possible to cook and eat a ramscorpion, its shell is thick and its meat is unsatisfying, as far as Rutas Olu are measured. Some survivalists report that it's a good addition to desert pemmican, however.
Ramscorpions are typically 1.5 to 1.8 meters tall, and weigh 120-130 kilograms.

No spirit more embodies the ramscorpion than that of the upper Idpari, who have adorned themselves in the armor and armaments of the beast. When our Keepers walk through the steets, they are pelted from above by rocks, and when they look up they have poison quills thrown at them. This creature isn't just the symbol of their defiance, it is the weapon of it, as well.

— Jhoutigari Captain (namegoeshere)
Discussing the Roost Riots

Keystone of Orga Tech

Forked prehensile mandibles with multiple points of articulation and twisting.

Hinged Outer Mandible

In its upwards position, it can curl inwards to reach any part of its facial region, allowing the Ramscorpion to clean itself.

Can be hinged down to work with the innter mandible for a thumb-finger-middle sort of action.

Rotating Inner Mandible

The Outer mandible is mounted on the stirrup of this arm, and is used to raise or lower it for goring or manpulation.

Prehensile Retracting Tentacle

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