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Idpari Skydivers

Prompt 5: A culture that has suffered under the rules of a stronger nation

The IdPari Skydivers are the people of the Roost. They are treated with more suspicion than the other groups of Idpari—a reputation which has only worsened with time as they retaliate to the growth of the upper city and the recent quelled uprising to clear them out of the Expo

Other Names
Gravekeepers • The Roosties
Parent ethnicities
Related Locations

Armed Resistance

The people of the Roost are wary of outsiders, especially of the Jhoutigari. Within their population is a volunteer-elected group of fighters known as the Ramscorpions, who patrol on gravity bikes and are armed with the parts of Ramscorpions.

Bike Gangs

Among the Skydivers, gravity bikes are a favored vehicle, as it allows them to drive down the east wall of the ventricle and into the trough below. This allows them to bypass the Jhoutigari, and raises their threat in their eyes.

Armed Resistance

Aside from occaisionally managing to smuggle in fire arms, the Skydivers keep armed with weapons made from Ramscorpions, especially including their quills.

Body Sculpture

While Body Sculpture isn't as common in Yak'koli as in other cities, it still has a presence, and is popular among the Skydivers, who favor integrating the traits of Rutas, such as a Ramscorpion's toxic spines.

Cover image: Yakkoli Cover by Ademal, via MidJourney


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