Food Preparation in Space

Written by Ademal

Food preparation in space is a matter of storage as much as it is of cooking. Foods must be considered for their bearing on the ships maneuverability through weight or movement.


To quote every cargo loader I've known: shift happens.
— A Cargo Loader
  Foods used in space need to be able to withstand the trauma of movement, zero gravity, increased gravity, and sudden acceleration and stops. This excludes many fine, fragile, or hyper-dense foods, as well as any foods which enter a semi-fluidic state and might shift around and throw off any navigational calculations.   All food must be carefully considered, and is often prepared long before takeoff and sealed rather than cooked on the ship. Ships with a galley are rare outside of being a Line Runner  


In event that a ship does have a galley, it is usually an enclosed space with gravity plating. Liquids are not freeflowing and most items are prepared and stored in small plastic packets hooked to the wall. If gravity goes out, the kitchen has to be safe from anything floating away. No open flames.

I personally prefer to cook in anti-grav. Adds some challenge to things.

Dartesi's Humanities

  A Prospector's go-to guide, Dartesi's Humanities has an entire chapter dedicated to cooking in space.  
Dartesi's Humanities
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 8, 2019


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Summer Camp Prompt 21

Describe the culinary traditions that are unique to an ethnicity in your world.

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