Dartesi's Humanities

Written by Barron


Dartesi's Humanities was founded during the opening ceremony of the Victory Archway. Dartesian Sesir’ri Tel Ionel himself had been in talks with Osborne Jadey and many of the other Directoriate members, seeking to open a restaurant promoting unity and showing off what humanity brought to the cultural stage.   The result was the Humanities restaurant, built alongside the river of the Unity structure.  
I made the Humanities restaurant as a direct middle-finger to whichever poor soul thought the Fusion Bible was a good idea.   I wanted to prove that individual Sophonts had something to show, and Humanity was the perfect choice for the Syndicate.

Humanity On Display

The restaurant consists of a distinctly human menu, featuring a new selection every night that uses only ingredients that were discovered on earth, and pulled from the gardens of the Victory Archway itself.  

An Ever-Changing Restaurant

With each night the restaurant opens, a new menu from a new subculture of humanity is placed on display. Even the furniture and decor of the establishment change to match the fare being served.  
Tuesday Night? Dine with me aboard a grand ship sailing the serene seas of the European coast. Italy, Spain, Portugal... A fantastic selection.   Wednesday Night? Oh prepare your stomach, for you will be partaking in a true ancient human rodeo where we serve the most succulent barbecue meat that you have ever had dance upon your taste buds!
— Dartesi

Common Themes


American West

American East



Eastern Europe

Dining at Humanities reminded me just how much each Sophont brings to the table. What a show! 10 out of 5 stars!
— Customer Review


There was a brief protest of Humanities, accusing it of going against the Unity of Sophonts that the Victory Archyway stood for. Dartesi quickly defeated the protesters by pointing out that he already had other restaurants open for the other Sophonts.   He also brought the leaders of the protest to his restaurant for a free meal, they swiftly called off the protest after tasting the food.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 21

Describe the culinary traditions that are unique to an ethnicity in your world.

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